10 Fun Nice Cream Recipes

This sweet, creamy treat is one everyone will love! With just one main ingredient, plus whatever add-ins you’d like, these recipes are faster than running out for ice cream and you don’t have to feel guilty! If you’re looking for a healthy ice cream recipe look no further than these 10 nice cream recipes!

How to Make Nice Cream 

Making nice cream dismisses the need for an ice cream maker and the likely components needed for it, including sugar, milk, and heavy cream. This nice cream recipe requires one basic, healthful ingredient: Bananas!


  • 3 ripened bananas, cut into ½ inch chunks and frozen
  • Optional milk


Add ingredients into a food processer or blender. Blend until the bananas are completely broken down and the consistency is smooth, adding a splash of milk as needed to assist throughout the mixing process. Enjoy right away, place in the freezer for a harder product, or try one of the 10 nice cream recipes below!

Banana Nice Cream Tips 

  • For a sweeter product, use ripe bananas devoid of any green and yellow-brown in color. Find out six simple ways to ripen your bananas here.
  • If lactose intolerant or managing a dairy allergy, use a plant-based milk such as almond, soy, or cashew milk.
  • Mix in whey protein powder powder to offer protein; the pairing of the healthy carbs from bananas with added protein makes it a perfect post-workout treat!

10 Nice Cream Recipes and Ideas

1. Chocolate Nice Cream

To the nice cream recipe above, simply add one tablespoon of cocoa powder. And for the ultra chocolate lovers, top with cocoa nibs or chocolate sprinkles!

2. Nutty Monkey

Using the chocolate nice cream recipe above, add a dollop of peanut butter into the mix. Top with more sliced banana chunks and chopped nuts for the ultimate nutty monkey banana nice cream.

3. Banana Cream Pie

The nice cream recipe is already creamy as is… But take it one step further and mix in a ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract and add crushed graham cracker atop to mimic the flavors of banana cream pie!

4. Banana Split

To the banana nice cream recipe above, fold in fresh strawberry slices. Lightly drizzle with chocolate syrup, dollop with whipped cream, and sprinkle crushed peanuts on top. (And a cherry for good measure!)

5. Tropical Breeze

Displace one of the bananas with a cup of frozen mango chunks and blend. Mix in or top the nice cream with fresh strawberries and shredded coconut.

6. Coffee Lovers

Add in ½ teaspoon of instant coffee, mixing into smooth. Shake with cinnamon and top with chocolate covered coffee beans as desired.

7. Green Tea

Swap out your cup of tea for a bowl of green tea nice cream! Simply add one teaspoon of matcha green tea powder and mix. Lightly drizzle with honey for added sweetness.

8. Berry Cool

For a berry cooling treat, swap out a banana with a cup of frozen berries of choice. Top with slivered almonds or pecans as desired.

9. Pina Colada

Reduce bananas to one from the original recipe above and add a ¼ cup of canned coconut milk and ½ cup frozen pineapple chunks. Garnish with a fresh pineapple slice and shredded coconut. 

10. Mint Chip

Add 1/8 teaspoon of pure mint extract and mix. Fold in a couple of tablespoons of broken up dark chocolate or small chocolate chips a healthy mint chip nice cream!