Transform Your Life by Changing Just 1% of Your Day

One. That number might seem small standing alone, but can be quite transformative in the scheme of things. In fact, just one micro-shift in your day can lead to one macro-change for your life!

The 1% of Your Day

Think about it:

There are 1,440 minutes in a day that are often allotted to sleep, work, and other life responsibilities and activities. However, just one percent of the day constitutes 14.4 minutes, or approximately 15 minutes of your daily time, that can be used to transform your life. And whereas 15 minutes each day might seem small, it adds up to a whopping 5,475 minutes (or about 91 hours) each year! And depending how you use it, including exercise and meditation, that time can be quite life-changing!

How to Transform Your L1fe: 15 Positive Ideas to Do with Those 15 Minutes

Time is free and priceless and before you waste it, watch this. So what will you do with your one percent? Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

1. Give Daily Gratitude

Take a mere 15 minutes of your day to give daily gratitude, as doing so has shown to be effective in becoming happier in all facets of life by helping us remember our blessings and priorities. Simply jot down what are you are grateful for and the feelings it provides, including family members offering endless love, clothes baring warmth, and food nourishing our bodies.

2. Write A Book (Or Start One)

Always wanted to write a book but never knew where to start? Take this time to simply journal or research how to get started. So rather than time pass you by, write your own story!

3. Call A Friend

Relationships with others is imperative for health so to nurture such connections, make it a habit to call a close friend and catch up on life.

4. Write A Letter to A Loved One

Letters are becoming more and more of a lost art, particularly as technology is advancing. However, writing a letter to a loved one can keep you connected to one another at a deeper, more intimate level.

5. Hang with Your Furry Friend

But connections are much more than interactions with humans… Did you know you could instantly become happier just by hanging out with a furry friend? Research has shown playing with dogs can increase the brain’s levels of the dopamine and serotonin, which are hormones associated to pleasure and tranquility. And not to mention, you are likewise changing their life, as the companionship has been proven beneficial to your four-legged buddy!

6. Organize Your Closet

Feeling stressed? Utilizing that one percent of your day to organize your closet release feelings of calmness and productivity. And after organizing closets, start making your way to other areas needing more structure and order in your life.

7. Go On a Walk

Whether 15 minutes in the morning, at work, or after dinner, go on a walk to boost health at both physical and emotional levels. 

8. Swing in A Hammock

Post up in nature and bask in the sway of a hammock! Evidence supports even 10 to 20 minutes of the great outdoors improves mood and supplies sufficient vitamin D shown to combat against depression.

9. Take A Nap

The sway of the hammock or life duties got you tired? Recharging with a 20-minute nap can deter negative emotions be deterred and boost energy levels carryon with a positive attitude for the rest of the day.

10. Do A Quick Workout

Rather than always committing to hours at the gym, use this time to do a quick workout to gain strength and maximize energy and mood. This short full-body Tabata workout does the trick to tone your arms, legs and core! All the moves are bodyweight focused so you can do it anywhere without equipment equipment – just a timer and a mat!

11. Prepare A Healthy Snack

While opening a bag of chips is convenient, devouring the bag can negatively impact health. But by preparing these 11 on-the-go snacks dietitians live by, you can peak your energy levels in a mere 15 minutes while simultaneously gifting the body nutrients it needs and the flavors you desire! 

12. Practice an Instrument

While you might not land a recording deal or tour the country, practicing an instrument is a fun way to enhance creativity, discipline, and cognition in numerous facets of life.  

13. Jam Out

Speaking of music… Turn on your favorite tunes and jam out! Listening to your favorite music and dancing to the beat is a fun way to rev up cheerful emotions and energy.

14. Watch A Funny Video

Whether from Saturday Night Live or a clip from a comedy, watch a funny video. Laughing truly is the best medicine and has shown to boost the immune system, support emotional health, and improve quality of life.

15. Practice Meditation

Meditating provides greater feelings of well-being and lowers levels of stress and anxiety instantly, while regularly practicing it can eventually rewire and restructure the brain to lower feelings of sadness and raise levels of happiness. But if new to the beneficial  practice, here is your beginner’s meditation how-to guide!