8 Best Self-Care Ideas for Fall

You deserve TLC at all times of year, though self-care is especially important now. Fall in love with these self-care ideas this autumn season!

Self-care is important year round for the wellbeing of emotional, mental, and physical health. 

Focusing on self-care is especially vital in the fall before colder, darker weather brings on its own set of challenges. It also helps one feel energized and refreshed heading into the holiday season and new year. 

While there are many things to do for self-care, ideas may look different for everyone. Regardless of what gets you recharged and refilled, these self-care ideas are sure to help boost overall health.

8 Best Self-Care Ideas for Fall

Needing inspiration for how to tend to self-care this fall? Look no further than these unique things to do for self-care, including at home and outdoor options! 

1. Go for More Walks Outside

Walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercise. It is also a healthy way to capture the changing leaves and temperatures of the fall season. 

The health benefits of walking are many, including:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Preventing or managing various health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthening bones and muscles
  • Improving mood

Walking inside or outside can provide health benefits, but walking outdoors may provide extra mental health self-care benefits. In fact, according to a 2011 review, exercising outdoors was associated with greater feelings of positive mood compared to exercising indoors. Outdoor exercise also showed to decrease tension, anger and depression.

Focus on the changing fall colors, sounds, and smells to fully capture how fall can promote a happier frame of mind. A 2015 study found those who spent time walking in nature had lower levels of negative self thoughts compared to those who walked through an urban environment. 

Overall, make a goal to walk in nature as often as possible this fall to experience full self-care benefits

2. Explore Somewhere New

Whether in a different state or in a home town or city, practice self-care this fall by exploring somewhere new. This could be a new park, museum, city, or even just a different neighborhood.

Changing daily scenery and usual routine can be stimulating and refreshing. And, really, it could be just what is needed to feel recharged this fall!

Whether for a full weekend or few hours, explore something new this fall for a refreshing change in pace and scenery.

3. Try a New Fall Fruit or Vegetable

For many, the fall season represents an optimal time to do more baking and enjoy the bounty of fall harvest. 

Fruits and vegetables in season in the fall vary on location, though delicious common fall flavors include: 

  • Apple
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cinnamon
  • Figs
  • Pomegranates
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Sweet potato

Take advantage of seasonal produce by visiting a farmer’s market or trying a new recipe with favorite fall ingredients. Besides, there are many ways to use pumpkin and maple this fall season! 

All-in-all, trying something new challenges past comfort zones and can provide positive emotions. (Even if not so fond on the new dish recipe you made!)

4. Spend Time Being Creative

Being creative is a way to feel fulfilled and may be best done outside of work or other daily obligations. Try a new creative outlet this fall to see what might be enjoyed most. 

Experiment with creativity by finding something you think would be FUN. Creativity takes all forms, and everyone can find a creative outlet that is meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Ideas for creative outlets include the following:

  • Decorate the house (or a friend’s) for fall
  • Put together a picture collage, album or video footage from a meaningful trip
  • Buy or rearrange plants in the house or garden
  • Rearrange home furniture
  • Start a writing project
  • Build a model car or plane
  • Participate in a painting or ceramic class
  • Buy a sketchbook and start drawing in it daily or weekly
  • Start lessons or practice a musical instrument
  • Join a dance or fitness class

5. Find a Good Book or Magazine to Read

Cooler temperatures and shorter days during the fall is an optimal time to curl up and read a book or magazine. (And not just solely paying attention to and checking email or social media!) 

Reading offers a way to “travel” to other parts of the world, or different times in history, essentially free of charge. Other reasons to include reading as part of self-care include:

  • Lowering risk of mental decline
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing life-long learning
  • Improving focus

So try making it a point to disconnect from electronics at a select time each day. Sit down with a good book, a glass of water or cup of coffee, and get lost in the pages. 

For good books to read in the fall, check out these lists provided by The Oprah Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

6. Light a Fall-Inspired Candle

Lighting a scented fall candle is a simple self-care idea and can do much more than provide a pleasant smell. Scented candles may actually provide a soothing sensation and may positively impact mood and stress relief. 

Many candles also provide aromatherapy with essential oils, which can stimulate the brain, enhance memory, and aid in stress relief. Lighting a candle provides personal self-care and to anyone surrounding else who might be enjoying the scent and glow

7. Make a Fall Face Mask or Body Scrub

Taking care of the skin, hair or nails may be what comes to mind when thinking about self-care activities. However, these manicures, facials, and other services can be expensive and are not always available. 

If going to a salon is out of the question, enjoy a homemade pumpkin mask or fall body scrub. These can be made with minimal ingredients and provide the nutrients from pumpkin, coffee, etc. directly to the skin!

8. Spend Time in an Orchard

Another way to fully experience fall and practice self-care is by picking local produce from an orchard or farm. Those with a garden know spending time with vegetation, on a closer level, can be satisfying mentally and physically.

Picking fruits or vegetables from an orchard allows one to pick as much or as little as desired. Use the picked produce to make homemade dishes to enjoy throughout the fall season like apple butter, applesauce, soups, jams, etc. 

Another option is to pick fall produce for a family member or friend that may be unable to visit an orchard. Giving freshly picked apples, or a baked apple pie, will surely put a smile on another’s face!