Best Coffee Shops in Every State

Disclaimer: This guide is by no means to discourage you away from other coffee bars in the region, but an opportunity to explore cool coffee shops in your area or whenever and wherever you may be traveling!

The Best Coffee Shops in Every State

1. Alabama

ThisIsAlabama was on search for the best coffee shops in Alabama! With over 400 suggestions via Instagram and some dramatic consolidation, Birmingham’s Satellite rained supremacy related to their service, menu, and various things to do, including regular concerts and events! Find the complete list of Alabama’s best coffee shops here.

2. Alaska

To counteract the cold Alaskan winters, a cup of joe is much needed! According to, some of the best places to get the best cups of coffee include South Restaurant + Coffee House, The Cubby, The Green Bean Coffee Company, and many others that also sport some sweet treats!

3. Arizona

Arizona coffee shares the best places to find great coffee in AZ, including Regroup Coffee & Bicycles in Scottsdale, Cultured in Flagstaff, and Kream Coffee in Phoenix.

4. Arkansas

Choose from 10 of the coolest coffee shops in Arkansas! Options include Onyx Coffee Lab, a unique coffee bar where that cup of joe meets science; The Joint Theater and Coffeehouse, where you can enjoy live entertainment on a weekly basis; and River City Coffee Shop, which has been voted “Best Coffee Little Rock” in the Arkansas Times Reader’s Choice Awards.

5. California

With Cali being such a large, diverse state, aiming to dwindle down the best coffee shops is quite the feat… So with Los Angeles frequently vacated, CBS Los Angeles cultivated these best coffee shops and involve Stumptown, LAMILL, and Coffee Commissary.

6. Colorado

Cozy up to a warm cup of coffee at one of these 10 best coffee bars in Colorado. And if vacationing to hit the slopes in Denver, do not miss out on these popular shops in Denver, including the opportunity to try “cupping” at Novo Coffee!

7. Connecticut

Do not let the small size of CT fool you, there are numerous local coffee shops pouring out big coffee flavors!

8. Delaware

From LOMA Coffee in Wilmington to Laurel Coffee Shop in Laurel, stay aware of these 10 cozy Delaware coffee shops.

9. Florida

The hot summer sun cannot stop the love for a warm cup of coffee! From hipster coffee bars to microbreweries featuring coffee and donuts, these 10 of Florida’s best coffee shops are sure to please!

10. Georgia

Thanks to the help of Eater Atlanta, you can get a much-needed caffeine fix at one of these 22 essential coffee shops! Choose from 8 Arms, a humbling coffee shop by day and restaurant and outdoor cocktail bar by night; Cafe + Velo, a dueling coffee and bike-repair shop; and ParkGrounds, featuring a small dog park for those furry, four-legged companions (and many more)!

11. Hawaii

Home of the Kona brew, Hawaii is the only state to grow coffee cherries for mass production! While HI produces some of the best coffee in the world, here are five of the best coffee shops in the islands!

12. Idaho

According the Visit Idaho webpage, some of Boise’s best craft coffee shops include Neckar Coffee, The District Coffee House, and Slow by Slow Coffee Bar.

13. Illinois

If you need an energy jolt in the windy city, look no further than Chicago’s 24 essential coffee shops! But if blown away to another area, here are 10 Illinois coffee shops to enjoy.

14. Indiana

According to Best Things Indiana, these are the 10 coolest coffee shops to check out. Selections include BIND Café, Bee Coffee Roasters, SoHo Cafe and Gallery, Roscoe’s, and Darrin’s Coffee Company.

15. Iowa

Although home to a number of favored coffee shops, one might reign supremacy. Cafe d’Marie in Davenport was named the “Best Coffee Shop Cafe” in Iowa. The shop features a made-from-scratch menu, even including “The Honey Bee,” a best seller made with local honey and Madagascar vanilla bean syrup!

16. Kansas

One of the most renowned coffee shops in Kansas is Black Dog Coffeehouse, a place to hang in the burbs, drink flavorful coffee, and try locally-sourced and delicious food combos and baked foods!

17. Kentucky

College students can thrive in these top five best coffee shops in Lexington or 13 best shops in Louisville!

18. Louisiana

Perhaps one of the most iconic coffee shops is Café du Monde, the original French market coffee stand featuring chicory coffee and beignets!

19. Maine

Instead of having a “maine” favorite coffee shop, there are 20 essential shops to choose from, including Lil’s Café bringing community gatherings to the Kitty Foreside and St Joe’s Coffee serving up Bennies (or fried dough balls doused in powdered sugar).

20. Maryland

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Sprudge has produced your guide to Baltimore’s best coffee shops such as Artifact Coffee, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, and Almack’s Coffee.

21. Massachusetts

According to and a Yelp review, these are the best coffee shops around Greater Boston! And as a quick insider, you can enjoy seasonal line-ups at Big Bear & Espresso Bar, including “Scooter Pie,” a cup of toasted marshmallow and chocolate-infused coffee; “Good and Plenty,” featuring licorice and vanilla; and “Cherry Blossom,” containing the flavors of black cherry and vanilla.

22. Michigan

The official Pure Michigan site goes beyond Starbucks and other coffee chains and glances into their awesome coffee shops, including Cup of the Day, Drop Drop Drink Coffee Bar, and Might Good Coffee.

23. Minnesota

The Twin Cities boast with coffee shops, such as Vicinity Coffee, Urban Bean, Five Watt Coffee, and The Bachelor Farmer Cafe.

24. Mississippi

Whether grabbing a cup of joe in a restored brick cabin or in the college town of Oxford, check out one of these 13 unique coffee shops in Mississippi!

25. Missouri

Most of the greatest coffee shops reside in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, though can also be throughout the state of Missouri!

26. Montana

According to the Odyssey, these are some of the best coffee shops Montana has to offer! Choose from Montana Coffee Traders, a high altitude coffeehouse; Press Coffeehouse; featuring a greenhouse; and Sweetwater, a place to admire local art.

27. Nebraska

From Archetype all about the science and art of coffee to the option of playing video games at Bean Broker Coffee House, there is a coffee shop for all to enjoy in Nebraska!

28. Nevada

After a long night of Las Vegas nightlife, a large cup of coffee may be in order! Check out one of these nine LV’s best coffee shops to start your day.

29. New Hampshire

According to 2016 New Hampshire A-List Results, Breaking New Grounds was voted the best coffee shop. Runner-ups and other favorites included Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar, Caffe Kilim, Harvey’s Bakery and Coffee Shop, The Coffee Factory, and a few others identified here.

30. New Jersey

“Armchairs and art, music and munchies, connoisseurship and conviviality meet in Jersey’s compelling coffeehouses,” described in New Jersey Monthly. Further broken down into North, Central, and South Jersey territories, coffee options include American Bulldog Coffee Roasters with a satisfying cappuccino, The Grind Coffee House featuring 33 rotating coffee selections, and MagicBrain CyberCafe serving up a sweet-and-spicy ghost pepper latte.

31. New Mexico

New Mexico offers some unique, cool coffee shops, including these 12 indie coffeehouses! Relish on the flavors of a Snickers latte at Enchanted Grounds or admire before sipping over some rad latte art at Elevation Coffee.

32. New York

From the Big Apple to a big cup of joe… here are the best coffee shops NYC has to offer! Grab an on-the-go Mexican iced mocha on draft at El Rey Coffee Bar or stay awhile and indulge an espresso-based drink and breakfast at Culture Espresso Bar.

33. North Carolina

Compiled by Scoutology, the top 10 North Carolina coffee shops include the union of coffee and jazz at Beyu Caffe, a fun internet cafe at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse, and an eco-friendly coffee house at DeBeen Espresso.

34. North Dakota

Enjoy weekly art classes at The Ember Coffee House & Creative Venue, listen to classic rock at Classic Rock Coffee Company, or bask in the comfy chairs at Bone Shaker Coffee Company, all described here!

35. Ohio

From Rising Star Coffee in Cleveland, One Line Coffee in Columbus, and others in between, check out some of Ohio’s best coffee shops here!

36. Oklahoma

According to Sprudge, Oklahoma is considered one of the most underrated coffee cities. But with no fewer than three flavorful roasters, including Coffee Slingers, Elemental, and Mariposa, Oklahoma going unnoticed in the wonderful world of coffee is not OK!

37. Oregon

Even before Starbucks came to town, coffee culture in Oregon (Portland, specifically) was endowed. And the city continues its love and innovation for coffee, including Deadstock Coffee, Never Coffee Lab, Prince Coffee, Sandino Coffee Roasters, and Tov, which are further detailed here.

38. Pennsylvania

Heading to the state of PA soon? Be sure to pencil in these best coffee shops, such as Square One Coffee in Lancaster, Green Bean Roasters in York, and Brew Crumberland’s Best in New Cumberland.

39. Rhode Island

Fuel your coffee addiction with the 18 best Rhode Island cafes! Sip on an espresso martini at Main Street Coffee, Instagram the rustic-esque of The Shop, or gaze in rainbow latte art at Small Point Cafe.

40. South Carolina

Whether sipping on coffee at an old mill at Due South Coffee Roasters or switching to a craft beer at Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer, do not miss out on this nine unique coffee shops in South Carolina! 

41. South Dakota

According to, Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Cafe in downtown Sioux Falls poses as SD’s best coffee shop! Explaining the greatness of Josiah’s, the site states “What Josiah’s lacks in frills it makes up for in flavor, with simple, tasty brews, high-quality espressos, and, for pastry aficionados, a mean caramel sticky bun. After four successful years, Josiah’s has become a staple in the community with Sioux Falls locals singing its praises across social media.” 

42. Tennessee

These essential Nashville coffee shops are the only “tens I see!” Sip on rich coffee from Dose, Bongo Java, or the Frothy Monkey, who has expanded locations to downtown Franklin and Chattanooga.

43. Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including their laundry list of coffee shops! However, the Texas Country Reporter asked its viewers their three favorite coffee shops and found the following: Boomtown Coffee in Houston ranked third, Vintage Heart Coffee in Austin ranked second, and the winner… Coffee Waves found in Port Aransas, where numerous flavors of gelato are made in-house and live music can be heart each weekend.

44. Utah

Identified by Culture Trip, the top 10 coffee shops in Salt Lake City include a hard-rock vibe at Alchemy Coffee, pop culture at Raw Bean, or experience and longevity of Salt Lake Roasting Company, Salt Lake’s oldest coffee roaster.

45. Vermont

One of the best coffee shops in Vermont resides in Burlington. Nomad Coffee is the only mobile outdoor coffee shop, serving up inventive drinks right out of a tiny shop on wheels! Other noteworthy coffee bars include Maglianero, which may be best for a coffee date, and Uncommon Grounds, a place for those who love to people watch.

46. Virginia

From the freshest roast to scientifically and innovatively brewed, sip on these popular VA coffee shops, including St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub with canine seating and Busboys and Poets for poetry readings and open mic nights.

47. Washington

Home of the first Starbucks, Seattle continues to expand into a thriving coffee culture. According to Eater Seattle, La Marzocco Cafe, Mr. West Cafe Bar, and Anchorhead Coffee Co. are just a few places to drink coffee in Seattle right now!

48. West Virginia

Warm your spirit with these seven WV coffee shops! Options are diverse, unique, and interactive and include a coffee/pottery studio hybrid at Joe N’ Throw or on-site climbing gym at The Chocolate Moose.

49. Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers much more than their notorious cheese curds… Whether selecting from numerous vegetarian and vegan options at Kavarna Coffeehouse or visiting the nonprofit coffeehouse (Open Door Coffeehouse) providing free development skills to community members, these are 10 perfectly cozy shops in Wisconsin!

50. Wyoming

From Paramount Cafe featuring their own take on Harry Potter’s butter beer to a low-key chill out spot at Trail Coffee, “wy” not check out these best places for coffee in Cheyenne?