So you made a New Year’s resolution or two and are absolutely adamant about tackling with full force! But with only eight percent of the general population actually sticking to and achieving their resolution, how can you overcome the odds? These seven tips to stay on track this new year will keep goals in check and maintained come the New Year!

7 Tips to Stay on Track This New Year

1. Detail Specifics

Though identifying “weight loss” is a popular and commendable New Year’s resolution, it is extremely general and vague. Stabilize and structure the goal by offering it specifics, including the example, “I will lose two pounds each month for a total of 24 pounds this year.” You can further detail smaller goals leading up to the larger anticipated outcome by identifying how you plan to achieve the resolution, such as tackling at least 150 minutes of exercise each week.

2. Be Realistic

Despite the applauding credit of running a full marathon without ever running a mile, doing so may not be the most realistic feat. When choosing and creating a resolution, you can certainly pick ambitious goals, but they generally need to stay semi-realistic. Staying true to yourself can lessen the likelihood of discouraging setbacks that may inhibit successfully accomplishing the resolution.

3. Identify Barriers

In addition to being realistic with expectations, identify barriers that may disrupt your progress. Initially recognizing them can help modify the route, offering you the chance to overcome road blocks as needed. Additionally, unforeseen barriers may bombard on your path. In these sort of instances, adapt or reroute, ultimately letting it ride out and getting back on track!

4. Track Progress

Throughout the months, weeks, or even days, track progress towards your established goal(s). Tracing personal growth can keep you accountable and motivated, further allowing the opportunity to adjust needs to best accommodate your goal in that period of time. Personal journals and progress pictures are valuable ways to record all the hard work and progression!

5. Document It

Write it down, share it with friends, anything to keep it documented and confirmed! Although mentally committing to a resolution is necessary, putting it down on paper or in the ears of others can further keep you liable. You may be more likely to stay on track if a note is hanging on the fridge or friend asks about your progress!

6. Reward Yourself

It is okay to boast on your own successes. In fact, you absolutely should! Reward yourself to keep you motivated throughout the process and use incentives that align with your goals. If you are training for a race, add in a dollar for each run you have completed. Once an identified amount has been reached for a new pair of shoes or other running gear, go reward yourself with it!

7. Stay Strong

In any sort of life circumstances, staying strong can transform into positive outcomes. Even if specific goals were not met, keeping an optimistic attitude limits the risk of negative emotions that may even cascade feelings of depression and anxiety. If life knocks you down, stand up taller and stronger, feeling more empowered to tackle that resolution!