Though health means different definitions to different people, it is much more than ordering a salad at lunch or the pant size you fit into comfortably. A total healthy lifestyle encompasses both physical and mental health, each shown to interlink with one another and offer robust benefits. So rather than simply testifying “I want to lose weight” this upcoming year, try these eight New Year’s resolutions for a total healthy lifestyle!

8 New Year’s Resolutions for A Total Healthy Lifestyle

1. Try New Foods

This new year, experiment and try new foods! With this year’s anticipated food trends (purple veggies, jackfruit, just to name a few), exploring a vast variety of foods can enhance and expand food awareness. Trying new foods can open the door to an appreciation of whole foods and help cut the ties of prepackaged, convenience foods and snacks.

2. Go Green

While not promoting or suggesting a total “green” lifestyle, try exploring opportunities to house a greener planet. Bike and walk places when possible, carpool with others to destinations, or use reusable bags when grocery shopping. Doing so may save you green money, all while being more environmentally-friendly.

3. Volunteer

Give back to others this year by volunteering within your community. Offering a hand to others builds lasting connections along with bringing fun and fulfillment within your own life. Despite going by yourself or with a group, the internal, humble feelings that follow volunteering can be nonetheless uplifting. Find tips on becoming a volunteer here.

4. Reconnect

Remember your close friend that you have been meaning to call? No time is better than now to reconnect to old friends, family members, and other individuals that hold a special place in your life. Set time aside once a week or month to meet up with loved ones (face-to-face) and truly engage in the conversation. Reconnecting social bonds can heighten feelings of self-worth and promote a healthier lifestyle.

5. Read More

Instead of getting hooked into a social media platform or a television series, disconnect from electronics and utilize the time for reading. The book or magazine preference should tailor towards your own personal liking, even offering yourself an opportunity to learn new topics. Continuously stimulating your mind has a great impact on mental health, with the potential to even reduce the risk of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

6. Cut Stress

Despite the common day-to-day stress from jobs or other small conflicts, it should not be so large it impacts quality of life. Cut stress by practicing and participating in activities you enjoy doing, whether it be heading to a yoga class, taking a warm bath, or reading your favorite book. Lessening stress not only reduces mental strain, but can also improve physical health, as stress may have a negative impact on the body.

7. Reduce Alcohol Intake

While consuming alcohol may offer health benefits, the practice of moderation should be imbedded and put into place. Excess alcohol consumption can not only plummet energy levels the following day, but has shown to provoke the risk of chronic disease, including heart and liver disease and certain types of cancer. And if a habitual smoker, smoking cessation can contribute to a total healthy lifestyle and further lessen the likelihood of harmful diseases and conditions.

8. Travel

Although life does require responsibility, life is simply much more than a continuous cycle of waking up, going to work, eating balanced meals, hitting the gym, falling asleep, and repeating. Traveling offers an opportunity to defeat rut and burnout and appreciate all the world has to offer. Whether it be traveling to a hiking trail within your own state or flying across an ocean, allow yourself to explore and relish the world’s natural beauty!