6 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

According to Static Brain, only 44 percent of the American population eat breakfast every day. But something is not quite matching up, as 93 percent believe it is the most important meal! To help bridge the gap, learn why you should never skip breakfast!

Why You Should Eat Breakfast

1. Lessens Hunger

For those who have skipped breakfast and start feeling those hunger pangs mid-morning… You already know one of the benefits of eating breakfast circles back to filling the tummy and lessening feelings of hunger, particularly when comprised of a protein and fiber source. 

2. Supports A Healthy Weight

Cutting out calories from breakfast may appear like an obvious measure for weight loss, though it can actually be detrimental to your efforts. As mentioned above, eating breakfast lessens and voids hunger, ultimately reducing your risk of overeating on high-calorie snacks and meals later on. And not to mention, starting out the day with a nutritious breakfast can stimulate and motivate healthy choices throughout the day’s entirety.

3. Reduces Chronic Disease

While maintaining a healthy weight lessens the risk of chronic disease on its own, research suggests eating breakfast offers further protection. In fact, a study published in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests omitting that morning meal heightened the risk of type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, too, a study published in Obesity Society found breakfast eaters who consumed whole grain cereal reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes. Eating breakfast has also been associated to lower incidences of hypertension and heart disease.

4. Boosts Energy

Food truly is fuel, so start the day with revving the body with nutrients it needs for an energetic kick-start. And think about it: You may have not eaten since last night’s five o’clock dinner, leaving the brain, muscles, and organ systems hungry for energy from nutritious foods, only strengthening the importance of breakfast that much tighter.

5. Improves Cognition

Without breakfast, the thought of “I am far too hungry to even think!” may overrule your attention needed at work or in the classroom. Particularly researched in school-aged children, those who eat that morning meal have higher school attendance rates, concentrate better, and solve problems with more ease compared to those who go without. Ultimately, eating breakfast is a smart move to offer a brain boost and increase alertness, attentiveness, and awareness.

6. Sets A Good Example

Eating breakfast especially sets a good example if raising a family. Demonstrating and informing your children on the importance of breakfast and nutrition can equip them with the knowledge and motivation to carryout healthy habits as adults, ultimately transferring to their kids. And with the growing number of obesity and associated health concerns, setting a positive example can help meet nutritional needs for healthy and optimal development throughout all life stages.

To optimize the benefits of breakfast, do not only eat it, but consume wholesome products. A well-balanced breakfast, or meal for that matter, should at least contain protein and fiber sources as mentioned in these high-protein ideas and recipes. For meal assistance, look no further than Balance by bistroMD’s nutritious and delicious breakfast options. From a savory Canadian bacon and Swiss omelet to a lightly sweetened peanut butter crepe with strawberry compote, you do not want to miss out!