The 16 Best and Worst Foods to Eat Before Flying

Trips and vacations can be extremely exciting, though the thought of flying may be a stressful or overwhelming task. Ease and comfort your experience by recognizing the best and worst foods to eat before flying, leaving one less task off your travel to-do list!

Foods to Avoid Before Flying

1. High Salt Snacks

Chips and other salty snacks are generally packed for long trips. But despite their convenience and desirable crunch, the salt they contain may cause fluid retention during a long flight.

2. Fried Foods

Fried foods are also high fat foods, which tend to take longer to digest compared to others. And in addition to their potential to instigate indigestion, fried foods are generally filled with sodium, which may cause fluid retention as mentioned above.

3. Beans

It goes without saying beans are notoriously known for their high fiber content, more oftentimes than not causing gas. The tight space surrounded by a large group of people may not be the most ideal area to experience such unpleasant gas and bloat.

4. Spicy Foods

Although that spicy Mexican food may have tasted good between layovers, it may cause heartburn. And that potential discomfort on a long plane ride just may not be worth it…

5. Garlic

There is no doubt garlic (and onion for that matter) causes bad breath, and not too many passengers want to smell that in such tight quarters. Even with the save of a mouthwash or a piece of gum, the smell of garlic can actually resurface after digestion in the bloodstream.

6. Cruciferous Veggies

Although veggies are generally not placed in the “avoid” category, cruciferous veggies before a flight may be a different story. Veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower may cause unpleasant bloat, in turn causing unpleasant travels!

7. Coffee

Although drinking a cup of joe seems like likely to energize you through the flight, it may just end up leaving you jittery, anxious, and dehydrated. Try avoiding coffee at least an hour or two before traveling.

8. Carbonated Drinks

While the carbonation of drinks may be appealing during its initial intake, consuming them may lead to uncomfortable gas afterwards. And considering the high end of most carbonated drinks consumed are loaded with sugar, their limitation is encouraged across the board.

9. Alcohol

Whether to start the party or take the “edge off” of flying, alcohol is commonly consumed while traveling. However, avoiding alcohol may be a good idea during a flight, as it may it cause dehydration and lead to unpleasant consequences when landing. And a headache is not the most ideal way to start a vacation…

Foods to Eat Before Flying

10. Lean Proteins

Lean protein is continuously encouraged in a well-balanced diet, even before flying and during the trip. Skip out on the drive thru cheeseburger and hot dogs and resort to a lean chicken salad, turkey sandwich or wrap, etc. not keep hunger at bay. One less worry will be granted thanks to protein!

11. Bananas

The confined leg room may lead to uncomfortable leg cramps and stretching them out may be difficult in such tight space. Potassium-containing bananas can help combat against cramps and lead to a more relaxed, comfortable trip in the sky.

12. Oranges

Oranges and citrus fruits are recognized for their potent vitamin C content, ultimately showing to boost the immune system. Considering the likely germs filling both the airport and airplane, a hydrating, refreshing piece of fruit sounds like a desirable way to stop illness or infection in its tracks. And not to mention, who wants to feel sick during vacation…?

13. Trail Mix

Rather than munching on a bag of chips, enjoy some trail mix. Nuts offer a desirable crunch while offering healthy fats shown to initiate satiety, which may abolish the hunger pangs before they have the chance to surface!

14. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in protein and supplies gut-benefiting probiotics, having the ability to keep hunger at bay while regulating bowels. Topping with berries can also offer natural sweetness while boosting the immune system. Consuming for breakfast or a light snack can be just what you need for a comfortable flight!

15. Herbal Teas

Skip the coffee and sip on an herbal tea. First off, herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated, which can keep you hydrated on a lengthy trip. And those pre-flight jitters? Chamomile and lavender types can reduce anxiety for a much calmer experience.

16. Water

Flying poses dehydration risk primarily related to altitude and elevation changes. Keeping hydrated with water can lessen the risk of dehydration and its unpleasant symptoms of nausea, exhaustion, migraines, confusion, and anxiety. To lessen trips to the bathroom on the flight, try spacing out at least eight cups and keep hydrated prior to the trip.