10 Homemade Seasonal Coffee Recipes

Though coffee may be a daily staple throughout the year, the seasons pour out accommodating festive holiday drinks to cozy up with. And not only are these 10 seasonal coffee recipes sure to satisfy all coffee lovers’ taste buds, but do so without an ounce of guilt!

10 Seasonal Coffee Recipes

1. Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Oh, PSL… One of the most anticipated seasonal coffees! While pumpkin spice lattes can be quite high in sugar from syrups, take a nutritional spin on that beloved coffee drink this upcoming fall season. Start by whisking a half cup of nonfat milk with one tablespoon of pumpkin puree over medium heat in a small pot. Continue to mix and add in a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger for flavor depth. Once the mixture becomes frothy, pour over freshly brewed coffee and serve.

2. Chocolate Mocha

In a small sauce pan or microwavable-safe mug, heat a half cup of milk until hot. Add in a half cup of freshly brewed coffee, two tablespoons cocoa powder, one tablespoon of Stevia or sweetener of choice, and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, mixing until all ingredients are fully dissolved. Pour into your favorite hot cocoa mug and enjoy!

3. Peppermint Chocolate Mocha

For a minty and refreshing twist on the chocolate mocha, heat up a half cup of milk on the stove over low heat in a small saucepan. Add two tablespoons of cocoa powder and a drop of peppermint oil or to desired strength, gently stirring until well-incorporated. Add milk mixture to a ½ cup of freshly brewed coffee in your favorite mug. Garnish with a light dollop of whipped cream and a light sprinkle of crushed peppermint as desired.

4. White Chocolate Mocha

Desiring a decadent and creamy holiday drink without packing on hundreds of calories from sugar and fat? Look no further than this low-calorie, white chocolate mocha recipe!

5. Eggnog Coffee

Start by preparing this healthier-for-you eggnog recipe and add as much or as little coffee as desired for a festive holiday drink (without the guilt commonly attached to rich eggnog)!

6. Gingerbread Latte

With just a mere five minutes, relish on this skinny gingerbread latte! Not only does it exude rich holiday flavors and aromas, but does so without packing on hundreds of calories.

7. S’mores

Or as Hungry Girl calls it, “S’mores Swappuccino!” Supplying protein thanks to the use of chocolate protein powder, you surely will be wanting s’more!

8. Spiced Christmas Coffee

Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and lightly sweetened with powdered creamer and granulated Splenda blends, this Christmas coffee mix is sure to hit the spot this holiday season! Enjoy during quiet morning hours or divide into mason jars for the perfect homemade and thoughtful gift.

9. White Spiced Coffee

This white spiced coffee recipe uses fresh and quality ingredients, including milk, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, honey… Oh, and dark rum!

10. Hazelnut Coffee Martini

Swap out that morning coffee mug with a martini glass! Sip on this robust and creamy hazelnut coffee martini this holiday season.