10 Best Foods to Cure a Hangover

Whether a greasy breakfast platter or a large cheese pizza, most people have their own hangover regimen to off-balance unpleasant symptoms from the night prior. While there may not be a pinpointed best food to cure a hangover, these foods can nonetheless be valuable.

Although eating before or while drinking has shown to be the most effective approach at reducing the consequences of alcohol, sometimes grabbing that bite to eat may be a little too late in the game. So if happy hour got too happy, general dietary guidelines can help you carry on as comfortably possible. And while there may not be a pinpointed best food to cure a hangover, these foods can nonetheless be valuable.

Best Food for Hangovers

1. Water

Kicking off the list may not be an edible food, but oh how it is imperative for milking a hangover. Alcohol is a natural diuretic, ridding water throughout the body, and is the primary cause of that pounding headache. Rehydrating the body (and the brain) can help alleviate the pain and get blood flowing.

2. Bananas

Bananas are notoriously known for their boatload of potassium, an electrolyte likely depleted related to alcohol’s diuretic effect. Consuming bananas and these potassium-containing sources can help stabilize potassium levels, which may combat against fatigue and muscle cramps after a long night out.

3. Watermelon

As the name suggests, the fruit has a notorious high water content, with water making up almost 92 percent of the volume! Watermelon supplies natural sugar and contains potassium, making it a valuable to stabilize blood sugar levels and replenish the lost electrolyte.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

In bouts of illness, a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup is sought out time and time again. The sodium in the broth can help retain water to keep you hydrated, while the noodles assists in raising low blood sugar levels, as hypoglycemia is common following a binge.

5. Whole Grain Toast

The mild flavors of toast may be one of the only you can stomach after that night bender. But when ditching the white bread and toasting up a slice of whole wheat, the B vitamins can assist in “soaking up” the excess alcohol and subside those unpleasant hangover symptoms.

6. Oats

Oats, like toast, is also mild in flavor while being packed with fiber and B vitamins. The complex carbohydrate can help stabilize blood sugars and uplift energy levels whenever you are ready to tackle the day. Prepare these overnight oat recipes before a night out for one less task the morning after…

7. Eggs

To defeat the repercussions of an egg-cellent night out, crack that hangover with a breakfast staple. Scrambled, sunny side up, or in this omelet, eggs are rich in an amino acid known as cysteine and shown to assist in the breakdown of acetaldehyde, the harmful byproduct of alcohol metabolism.

8. Dark, Leafy Greens

Dark, leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, contain the B vitamin folate. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of folate, with excessive and chronic binging increasing the likelihood of its deficiency. This further poses concern of folate deficiency anemia, potentially leading to a decreased appetite, irritability, energy deprivation, and diarrhea. Although reducing alcohol intake lessens this risk, consuming significant sources may counteract the effects. While a big, leafy salad may not sound appealing the morning after, throw spinach in eggs or whip greens into a nutrient-dense smoothie.

9. Beans

Alongside the physical anguish following a night of boozing, there may be a side of regret and distress following. But those feelings may not be primarily related to decisions made, but a depletion of magnesium alcohol consumption has shown to cause. The significant magnesium content found in beans may not only control anxiety, but can help breakdown alcohol, support liver function, relax cramping muscles, and stabilize heart rhythms.

10. Green Tea

Along with being promoted as an elixir to health, green tea may also speed up the metabolism of ethanol and acetaldehyde. The beverage also helps defeat dehydration, while adding a drizzle of honey offers natural sweetness and can stabilize energy levels.