Benefits of Lemon Juice

Weight and Fat Loss

Though fasting remains controversial, lemon honey juice fasting (LHJF) is a common treatment modality in naturopathic hospitals to manage obesity. A small, four-day study published in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine demonstrated significant improvements in body weight, body bass index (BMI), and fat mass.

Cardiovascular Health

The same study intervening with LHJF further demonstrated improvement in total serum triglycerides. Lemon also contains potassium, a valuable mineral and electrolyte aiding in normal heart rhythm. Controlled triglycerides and heartbeats can ultimately reduce the risk of heart disease, failure, and even cardiac arrest.Additionally, the American Heart Association suggests a higher intake of citrus fruits may lower ischemic stroke risk within women. Vitamin C also enhances the absorption of iron, the mineral required for supplying oxygenated blood throughout the body.

Reduce Kidney Stones

Let it be known that those who have experienced kidney stones more than likely describe them of nothing short of painful. Luckily, research suggests lemon juice may be an effective regimen in reducing their growth, especially in kidney stone-prone individuals. Lemon juice may raise citrate in the urine and inhibit kidney stone development, making it a cost-effective and refreshing medication alternative. Find more easy ways to prevent kidney stones here.

Soothe A Sore Throat

Though mostly used as a natural home remedy, lemon juice advocates declare warm lemon water can soothe a sore throat. Mild teas mixed with honey and lemon may further assist in sore throat alleviation. Find more information on lemon for sore throats and simple recipes here.

Anticholinergic Effects

Lemon juice may offer anticholinergic effects. Simply put, anticholinergic are drugs that block the action of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, and holds value in the treatment of a various conditions. Anticholinergics may act as an effective treatment for gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), urinary incontinence, and Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Relieve Dry Mouth

A dry mouth due to lack of saliva is medically known as xerostomia and has several causes, including medication side effects, dehydration, and radiotherapy. But despite its origin, dealing with it can be unpleasant and also lead to cracked lips and bad breath. Lemon juice has shown to significantly increase saliva secretion and production, proving its environmental ability to relieve dry mouth.

Immune Strengthening

Being a citrus fruit, lemon is rich in vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, the vitamin continuously is recognized for its ability to naturally boost the immune system. Additionally, vitamin C deficiency may reduce resistance against harmful pathogens, subsequently raising the risk of common colds and other illnesses.

Skin Health

Backpacking on its vitamin C content, lemon can serve the skin well. Vitamin C is required for the production of collagen, the primary connective tissue providing integrity and strength to bones, muscles, skin and tendons, supplementary aiding in tissue maintenance and effective wound healing. The potent antioxidant properties of vitamin C can also fight against skin damage and offer a natural glow. The worthy totality of vitamin C and skin health demonstrates anti-aging properties and fights against wrinkles.

Reduce Foodborne Illness

Acting as an organic preservative, lemon juice may reduce the growth of harmful microorganisms on food surfaces. More specifically, lemon juice has shown to inhibit Salmonella Typhi, the instigator of typhoid or enteric fever. The bacteria are mostly witnessed in polluted bodies of water and the products they come in contact with, increasing an individual’s risk of developing unpleasant symptoms of weakness, poor appetite, diarrhea, sweating, dry mouth, and abdominal pain.

Incorporating Lemon Within the Diet

Not everyone enjoys taking a bite out of a sour lemon… But like lemon’s widespread benefits, there is an extensive list of methods to incorporate the citrusy fruit within the diet, as lemon compliments both savory and sweet dishes. Squeeze fresh lemon atop grilled fish and chicken, incorporate into this bistroMD original herb beef sirloin skewers recipe, or satisfy that pesky sweet tooth these healthier-for-you lemon bars. Further ditch sugar-laden lemonade with this refreshing, sugar-reduced lemonade!