What to Do if You Binged on Thanksgiving

With delectable food piling the Thanksgiving table, sticking to your health guns may have been shot… So if wondering how to get back on track with your diet after a binge, bite the bullet with these recovery steps!

How to Recover from A Thanksgiving Binge

1. Stop the Guilt

Guilt can drive some powerful behaviors, potentially risking episodes of binging the upcoming days ahead. Stop the guilt by recognizing mishaps happen and granting yourself self-appreciation, focusing on the positive changes you have made already and others that are bound to come.

2. Step Off the Scale

It can take days to get back to your average weight, so step off the scale and allow yourself time to get back on track. Seeing a higher number can be mentally destructive and be extremely discouraging, which may lead to emotional eating and throwing in the towel altogether.

3. Sleep

Even if you took that post-Thanksgiving nap, it is still important to sleep following a post-Thanksgiving binge. Sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours can contribute to a mental reboot, manage cravings, and fuel energy the following day.

4. Eat Breakfast

“I am never eating again!” swears your overly full self the night of a binge and before you know it, you are lurking in the kitchen in the morning hours. But stop right there and put down the sugary cereal… Start the day with a nutritious breakfast mixed with protein, fiber, and healthy fat to tame hunger, aid in digestion, and boost energy levels to kick off the day. Find 11 healthy breakfast options here, including egg wraps, smoothies, quinoa bowls, and avocado eggs.

5. Do Not Starve Yourself

Though you may be trying to save yourself on calories following a Thanksgiving binge, it is important to not starve yourself. Not satisfying hunger can heighten ravenous feelings, subsequently increasing the risk of overeating on innutrition foods later. Similar to breakfast, go for a high-protein and fiber snack such as buffalo chicken celery sticks, crispy parmesan chickpeas, and peanut butter banana bites.

6. Hydrate

Chugging down water may be the last thing you want to do on a bloated belly but doing so is in your best interest. Staying hydrated fights belly bloat, aids digestion, supports an effective metabolism, and keeps hunger at ease. General recommendations advise healthy adults to consume at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water day in and day out.

7. Get Moving

We get it, exercise may be the furthest activity you want to participate post-Thanksgiving… But moving and keeping active can be highly beneficial to your mindset and. In fact, even light activity such as a walk can help boost your mood and energy levels. So rather than posting up on the couch the entire day, put on some active wear and tackle what you can!

8. Gear Back Up

With Thanksgiving being the first major feast of the holiday season, gear back up and have a game plan the future. Continue implementing the steps above if a binge does occur, along with meal prepping during the busy holiday season, keeping active as much as possible, and gifting yourself “you” time on a day-to-day basis.