15 Tricks for Men to be Healthier in a Minute or Less!

Did you know a time-consuming life renovation is not a must to reap the unmatched benefits of happiness and health? In fact, you can start now with these 15 easy, quick health tips for men (that take a minute or less)!

15 Men’s Health Tips (In A Minute or Less!)

1. Give Daily Gratitude

Rather than getting sucked into the latest feeds for long bouts of time, take a quick minute to give daily gratitude. Because not only are digital detoxes beneficial, but counting blessings can heighten well-being on emotional and interpersonal levels according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Give thanks to your health, food in the fridge, house you call home, and family, friends, and other loved ones.

2. Dress to Impress

Though the clothes we choose to wear does not faithfully define who we are as people, feeling your best ignites self-esteem, exceling into a more confident and happier you! So rather than throwing on that crinkly shirt and a slouchy sweatpants, dress to impress. 

3. Chew for 30 Seconds

Did you know it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach and brain to connectively register the “I’m full” feeling? Instead of scarfing down your food, chew each bite for 30 seconds to slow down the eating process. Not only does this prevent the risk of overeating, but helps break down the food and eases the digestive process.

4. Pack A Snack

Hunger got you feeling grouchy? Opposed to falling into the temptation of a bag of chips, pack a snack to fight the day-to-day fatigue and grogginess often experienced in between meals. Quick and on-the-go snack options include fruit, beef jerky, string cheese, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, carrot sticks and hummus.

5. Balance Your Life

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6. Make Split Second (and Healthy) Decisions

From choosing whole grains over refined ones to going for a fresh piece of fruit over a glass of concentrated fruit juice, make split second decisions that you know will influence your health for the better.

7. Pop A Multivitamin

Although nutrients should be primarily obtained from consuming a balanced diet, a multivitamin helps to fill in any nutritional gaps with just one twist of the bottle. A healthcare professional can also help determine and identify a multivitamin a safe and appropriate for individual needs, along with recommending additional supplements such as fish oil.

8. Fill Up Your Water Bottle

The body absolutely requires water to sustain life, as it facilitates numerable and critical processes in the body, including the digestion of food, transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, excretion of waste material, regulation of body temperature, and lubrication of joints. Nonetheless, the adequate intake (AI) for men is 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluid daily so take an extra few seconds to fill up a portable throughout the day to ensure its intake.

9. Schedule Doctor Visits

Visiting a physician for regular check-ups and screenings is a critical health tip for men, still about 60 percent of them do not participate. But rather than putting off doctors visits for years a time (or dismissing them altogether), take a minute out of your day to schedule regular exams. Doing so makes sure existing (if any) health conditions are being managed appropriately, along with acting as a preventative measure to address potential health concerns and how to mitigate against them.

10. Switch the Thermostat

Simply switch the thermostat between 60° to 67°F before going to bed, as anywhere between the two temperatures is optimal for the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. How is this a tip to be healthier? Better sleep = improved memory + lowered stress + enriched creativity + reduced risk of weight gain and chronic diseases + sharpened attention, lengthened years of a happy, healthy life…

11. Replace Your Pillow

From losing its support to acquiring allergens, a pillow over one to two year’s old needs to be replaced. Not sure how long it has been? Fold your pillow in half, then let go. If the pillow stays that way, it is time to get a new one! But beyond that head and neck supporter, here is how often you should be replacing everything in your bedroom.

12. Smile

One major men’s health tip involves no equipment but is a free instrument to own and spread happiness: A smile! According to an NBC News Report, the mere act of smiling can lift mood, lower stress, boost the immune system, and may even add years to life. (Now that is something to smile about!)

13. Do Something Nice for Others

Doing something nice for others can boost mood even if through a simple act of kindness. For instance, hold the door for someone behind you or send a quick and friendly text to a loved one.

14. Take the Extra Step

From parking further away from the entrance door or choosing the long route to the bathroom when at work, taking extra small steps discourages a sedentary lifestyle and boosts energy and mood. Taking these steps may even save you some time! For example, instead of waiting for the elevator to make it to your floor, use the steps to get to your destination.

15. Request an Uber

Getting behind the wheel after a night out puts everyone on the road at danger, so do not drive if you are to drink! Ultimately, take the few seconds to request a ride from an Uber or other transportation company to keep yourself and others safe.