5 Date Night Recipes for Every Stage of Your Relationship

From the first night in to developing feelings of comfort, enjoy these five date night recipes for every stage of your relationship!

5 Date Night Recipes

1. The First Date Night In

So the first couple of dates went well and the first date night in is planned to take place… But rather than ordering Chinese takeout, impress that special someone with a homemade meal! Play it safe and avoid the unpleasant garlic and onion breath by preparing this light, yet flavorful cider-roasted chicken recipe. Pair with a mild vegetable, including roasted carrots, zucchini, and favorite squash varieties. Following dinner, prepare this sinfully delicious, chocolaty cacao and blueberry mousse parfait (impressively plant-based and guilt-free)!

2. Tasting at a Personal Level

Although you two are well-acquainted by now, get to know one another at a deeper level by fixing meals that has some sort of personal attachment. Whether a meal loved during childhood, those cookies your grandma bakes, or a dish from your favorite vacation, share the food item and just why it means so much to you. And while this date night is completely individualized, an example may be this healthful spin on a childhood classic… crispy chicken strips and mac n’ cheese. And don’t forget about warm chocolate chip cookies!

3. The Feelings of Comfort

At this point of your relationship, you both are starting to feel much more comfortable with one another and disregard the need for constant fancy dinners. So rather than lighting up the candles, chill down with a pizza night! And instead of calling for pizza delivery, have a pizza-topping bar and build that pie together, including all your favorite toppings. Continue the fun by building ice cream sundaes with this unique recipe.

4. The First Fight

Relationship forecasts are not always sunny with clear, sunny skies and you may just encounter trouble in paradise… However, it is important to remember conflicts and disagreements are just apart of human nature and can truly strengthen internal bonds. Prepare this intimate sirloin steak with garlic butter dinner, rich in flavor and sure to butter each other back up! Serve with roasted asparagus, buttermilk-parmesan mashed potatoes, or any other favorite side dishes. Also sweeten the mood and end the night with this caramel apple Bundt cake!

5. Reviving Relationship Flavors

Even with minimal fights and apparent happiness, sometimes relationships can dull related to busy work schedules and other curveballs life tends to throw. Renew and revive your relationship by preparing a vivacious meal, filled with color and energy! This slow-cooker Hawaiian pineapple chicken recipe is bursting with color and flavor, all thanks to the help of nutritious peppers and pineapple. End the night with the deep color of grapefruit and sweet flavor of honey in this bistroMD original recipe!