How to Find ‘Me Time’ When Constantly Overbooked

From working on a project to making plans with loved ones, your schedule is constantly overbooked. But granting "me time" is priority for overall health and here is how to find it!

Working on a project, making plans with loved ones, lifting weights at the gym, hitting the books, making dinner for family… How do you find time for yourself?

While it may seem impossible amidst your busy to-do list, the importance of “me time” is critical for overall health and here is how to find it when you are overbooked!

The Importance of “Me” Time

In such a socially connected and busy society, getting sucked into “the grind” is all too common. We want to prove to our friends, family members, bosses, and coworkers we can keep up and may even feel subpar if feeling a little less up for the challenge.

But what’s even more of a challenge is not allowing ourselves do slow down, as we feel as if we must always go on full speed to reach success.

Unfortunately, though, continuously falling victim to the never-ending workflow and neglecting self-care can start taking toll on both physical and mental health.

The importance of “me time” relates to the impact of solidarity, which helps us focus on inner growth and regeneration. Solitude has also been touted to prevent burnout, enhance creativity, and enlighten new perspectives.

Eventually, basking in our own solitude allows us to see more visibly, hear more clearly, listen more attentively, and live and love more fully.

7 Ways for Creating More Personal Time

1. Make It a Priority

Just as you make eating and sleeping (hopefully) a precedent part of your life, make time with yourself a priority.

Allot certain times of the day just for you, even if it means shutting your office door for a 15-minute break or 20 minutes before bedtime. 

2. Wake Up a Little Early

Rather than pressing the snooze button for just a little more sleep, wake up!

Make the mornings a time for you to relish in your own thoughts with a hot cup of coffee, tackle a grueling workout, or prepare a nutritious breakfast. No matter how you decide to use the time, just be sure to wake up and use it for yourself!

And if struggling to catch the early worm, use these 11 steps to become a morning person!

3. Schedule Weekly and/or Monthly Outings

Have a date… With yourself! Make a point to schedule outings on a weekly or monthly basis. (Even make it on your calendar if you have to!)

From getting your haircut to scheduling, it doesn’t really matter how you choose to spend the time, just as long as you do!

4. Leave Work On Time

While being a workaholic does show determination, becoming so enveloped into your daily grind can be tarnishing to health.

Having a work-life balance is essentially the stability between work and lifestyle, including health, pleasure, leisure, and personal connections. Finding and maintaining that balance between is positively associated with job and life satisfaction and negatively related to anxiety and depression.

So make a commitment to yourself to leave work on time and not go over the time clock. And if you feel anxious about the next work day, make a list of tasks you want to accomplish before heading home.

(Oh, and also don’t bring the work home with you…)

5. Buy Tickets in Advance

If you thought to yourself, “Man, Ed Sheeran would be great in concert!” but never did anything about it… Now is the time!

Whether it be to a concert, sporting game, or any other sort of event, buying tickets in advance naturally forces you to make time for event and plan ahead.

6. Disconnect from Technology

Okay, let’s not completely undercut social media, as it does offer advantages.

But glamorized accounts can cause us to start comparing our personal lives to others, making us even feel inept and drive us to do more work. And not to mention, getting sucked into social media for hours at a time takes away from precious time spent not only making memories with loved ones, but for yourself.

That being said, disconnect from technology and other comparable distractors. Also consider a digital detox to heighten productivity levels, reconnect with loved ones (and even yourself), and connect back to life in a richer, purer form. 

7. Join A Group

Similar to the principle of buying tickets in advance, join a group. Doing so not only breaks you away from the day-to-day environments of home and work, but enforces accountability to regularly attend.

Purchasing a membership to a community center, gym, museum and other facilitates in your local area can also inspire you to use your “me time.”

Ultimately, though, base your decision on personal interests and something you will actually attend, including a gardening group, running club, or cycling class.