As a child, you may remember gearing up with parents and friends for a picnic at the local park. But those memories do not have to end at childhood and can continue to flourish as an adult. So pack a picnic basket and enjoy eight fun outdoor games for adults with close friends and family members!

8 Picnic Games

1. Recreational Sports

Take advantage of basketball courts, soccer fields, and volleyball nets offered at most parks. And particularly if at a beach, enjoy rounds of beach volleyball. Playing and competing with others is also a mindless way to endure in exercise!

2. Kickball

Not only for kids, kickball is a fun outdoor game for adults! Vacate the baseball field or place markers for first, second, third, and home bases. Divvy up in teams and play until you just can’t anymore. Kickball is an entertaining way to exercise without even realizing that you are.

3. Frisbee Golf

Ditch the golf clubs and balls for Frisbees. Even if the park does not feature a mapped out Frisbee golf course, have fun making your own. Bring crates and strategically place them around the park for a fun picnic game!

4. Scavenger Hunt

Especially with some preparation, a scavenger hunt can be a fun outdoor game for adults. Start by preparing the hunt, including the development of lists – including things to find, things to try, etc. From finding a bird’s nest to jumping into a body of water, the ideas can be as simple or complex as desired. Divide scavengers into at least two teams and the team with the most completed tasks, wins a prize or the self-claimed title!

5. Charades

Charades is an energetic picnic game for all ages! Write down phrases, simple words, celebrities, animals, etc. on single strips of paper. Have individuals pull from the compilation and act them out. You may be tickled for hours!

6. Horseshoes

Gather up the stakes and horseshoes for a classic picnic game! Find basic game rules here, but feel free to tweak as desired for a more carefree alternative.

7. Three-Legged Race

Traditional three-legged races include strapping the legs of two runners and racing to a designated finish line. Along with the customary three-legged race, try these five, fun variations, including going blindfolded or walking backwards! Have fun making up your own rendition of the fun picnic game.

8. Sand Art

This picnic game and activity is primarily designated for sandy beaches. Have everyone draw art in the sand, build sandcastles, etc. and judge based on the most creative or any other identified criteria. Whether broken into competing teams or individually, creating sand art will be a creative way to spend a warm afternoon!