10 Best Ways to Get Back in Shape

Whether it be from the temptation of the holidays or a compilation of life stressors, you may have fallen off your health horse. But one of the greatest aspects of health is not a perceived finish line, but the continuous and ongoing journey of trials, tribulations, and feelings of accomplishments. And with these 10 tips, you can learn how to get back in shape fast and saddle back on the horse!

How to Get Back in Shape

1. Rebuild Your Foundation

Before going balls to the wall and bouncing all over the place, remember what worked so well for you in the past and, well, what did not. From there, rebuild your foundation, easing back into the process and slowly implementing effective strategies and minimizing past barriers. Once a solid ground has been cultivated, continue to build and grow in your foundation. 

2. Handle Emotions

Falling off the bandwagon may have been caused by high stress and saddling back on it may only accelerate anxieties. It is imperative to handle emotions during times of pressure, as not doing can increase the risk of emotional eating, drinking too much alcohol, or simply digging a deeper hole. Learn to handle emotions with healthy coping mechanisms with yoga, meditation, exercise, music, and additional self-care techniques you enjoy. 

3. Restock

Remember nature’s bounty that reflected back at you with each opening of the fridge? But now the shelves are dull and bare, triggering you to resort to drive thru runs or calls to the local takeout restaurants… It’s time to restock the kitchen with nutritious foods, as having them on hand lessens the temptation and risk of calling in for pizza for the third time this week. 

4. Make It Easy

Though results are likely to take the backseat if trying to cut corners, you can certainly make getting back in shape easier on yourself. And while it does take effort and commitment on your end, getting back in shape does not have to be a tall feat. Simplify the process by having workout clothes ready to go the night before, meals prepped for the week ahead, and any other technique you use to your timely advantage.  

5. Go to Bed

Yes, you read that right… One of the best ways to get in shape fast goes beyond physical activity, even running towards the opposite direction. Rest is critical in both mental and physical health, and you may just start noticing an influx in weight if your sleep has been compromised. So if you have recently noticed a heightened craving towards bagels and donuts after long nights of tossing and turning, inadequate sleep may just be the culprit. Healthy adults should aim for at least seven to nine hours of sleep on a regular basis. 

6. Or at Least Take a Power Nap

Nap lovers, rejoice! That afternoon nap is not necessarily indicative of laziness, but actually an opportunity to get back in shape. Along with improving mental alertness, a 20-minute power nap may facilitate weight loss by increasing energy for workouts, reducing the risk of cravings, and redirecting mid-afternoon munchies. 

7. Sweat Daily

Or at least 150 minutes per week… Try making it a point to participate in aerobic exercise daily, gearing you back in shape by regaining lung capacity, improving blood flow, burning calories, and boosting mood. Fun ways to get active include hiking in nature, jogging with a buddy, or signing up for a dance class. 

8. Add Weights

If strength training has been missing from your workout repertoire, now is the ideal time to add it to your regimen. Weight lifting is key in cultivating lean muscle mass, which subsequently speeds up metabolism even when the body is at rest. To reap the benefits of strength training and lower the risk of injury, here is how to weight train the right way. 

9. Work It Out Socially

Get back in shape with others! Make workouts a social experience to improve training compliance and boost motivation. Additionally, have fun experimenting with various exercises and stick to the ones you enjoy, as workouts that feel like a chore are more likely to be dreaded and skipped altogether. 

10. Drink Water

Perhaps you have fallen out of shape by swapping out the water bottle with a beer can or wine glass… But we must not associate hydration status to any liquid, as water continues to be the nominated and preferred source. By staying hydrated with water, the body is able to carryout imperative physiological processes that affect metabolism, brain function, and overall health. Drinking water before and throughout a meal can also assist in proper hunger regulation, signaling feelings of fullness to the brain and lowering the risk of overeating.