8 Ways to Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

1. Start Early

Kick off National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month in the morning hours! Starting early and crafting a nutritious breakfast motivates healthy options throughout the day’s entirety. Produce-packed options may include peanut butter oats topped with fresh banana slices, an egg scramble loaded with spinach and peppers, Greek yogurt mixed with a berry assortment, or a carefully crafted, nutrient-dense smoothie.

2. Build A Garden

Whether planting a large garden bed or in a small pot, build an individual garden. Participating and witnessing the process of plant development can ultimately amplify appreciation towards fresh fruits and veggies. (Not to mention, the excitement of consuming produce you personally grew!)

3. Try New Produce

Each day or week, make it a point to try a new fruit or vegetable. Have family members or friends get in on the act, taking turns to choose and try new produce. In addition to trying new fruits or veggies, prepare them in a new way each time. For instance, roast up asparagus, blend spinach into a smoothie, or grill fresh peaches. Find enjoyment experimenting with various techniques, as you may start growing a liking towards some new produce even when you thought otherwise!

4. Dip It Out

Especially for kids, dipping freshly sliced fruits and veggies into various dips entices their appeal. Pairing ideas may include apples and a cinnamon yogurt dip, cucumbers and a healthified ranch dressing, or carrots and peppers and hummus.

5. Stock Up

“Out of sight, out of mind” bares great truth when it comes to eating (or not eating) fruits and veggies, so stock up on produce and place in view! From pre-sliced carrot and cucumber slices to an exposed fruit basket on the kitchen counter, convenience and availability increases the likelihood of their consumption.

6. Freshen Up at Work

Work environments are not always conducive to healthy eating, especially if a vending machine is just around the corner or the candy dish is in your path. Take the initiative to promote National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month at work by offering lunch and learns and samples of various produce and swapping out the candy with fresh fruit.

7. Visit A Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are a fun place to explore assorted produce provided by local vendors. Wake up early on a Saturday, stroll around with a fresh coffee, and bask in the energy farmer’s markets are known to resonate. Socialize with vendors to learn more about their history and cultivation practices.

8. Learn About Farm-to-Table

The farm-to-table movement continues to grow, but for good reason. Farm-to-table encompasses the stages of food production, along with the inclusion and promotion of sustainability. Supporting local businesses and farmers is also encouraged and is explained in greater detail here.