The 11 Best Health & Wellness Products for Your Life

Our team of dietitians share a glimpse of some of the best holistic health and wellness products. Find out which might be capable of motivating continued vitality and well-being!

Holistic health is rooted in ancient healing traditions, but also finds its place in today’s age as health practitioners use age-old practices for modern day  healing. Many doctors and other health professionals are coming to find what Socrates stated centuries ago, that “the part can never be well unless the whole is well”.

While not affiliated with any brands or products, our team of dietitians share a glimpse of some of the best holistic health and wellness products. Read on to discover which might be capable of motivating continued vitality and well-being! 

The 11 Best Holistic Wellness Products for Your Life

Holistic health is considered a life approach that focuses on the individual as a part of their environment. Such perspective is used to promote healing, rather than a narrowed view through the lens of one illness, organ, or part of the body. 

The holistic way of healing is thought to emphasize a connection of the mind, body, and spirit and to allow for a more optimal, whole-body experience. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that everyday lifestyle choices make up 53 percent of key factors influencing an individual’s health. 

The way one approaches life makes up the majority of factors impacting health. This makes it even more important to have the best wellness products put in a health and self-care routine!

1. Air Purifiers

Many contaminants can lurk in the air, such as smoke, dander, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens. Investing in an air purifier can help improve home air quality while also making for a safer home environment. 

Brigid Titgemeier, a functional nutrition dietitian trained in integrative medicine, recommends the AirDoctor purifier for cleaner air at home. Intellipure is another high-quality air filter option to breathe a breath of fresh air. 

2. Aromatherapy Products & Essential Oils 

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding aromatherapy and essential oils in recent years, and for much reason! 

Further scientific study is needed to support use for specific symptoms or purposes. However, high-quality and pure essential oils can generally be safely used in the following ways: 

  • Essential oil diffuser and accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, and keychains. These are infused with oils that stimulate awareness of the senses throughout the day.
  • Body and face oil mixtures that include olive, jojoba, or coconut oil at appropriate levels. (Full-strength use can cause irritation of the skin!) Other popular oils included in many moisturizers and other products are lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and lemon oil. 

Allergic reactions are unlikely, however it is always best to check labels, understand the risks of use and weigh them against the benefits. Also consult with a dermatologist if there is a history of skin inflammation. 

The labels should read “100 percent pure” and not contain any added fragrance or dyes in order to provide the full, holistic-health-focused effect. A good rule of thumb for testing a new oil is to apply it in the morning in a diluted amount. 

3. Cleaner, Ceramic-Coated Cookware

Many popular baking appliances are also sources of concerning materials that could be leaching toxins into food. Our Place aims to offer safer options with pans and other cookware that is specifically designed for safe eating. 

This small change in cookware can end up making a big difference for health in the long-run, especially for avid cooks and bakers. 

4. Energy Healing Tools 

Energy healing is rooted in the idea that healing can occur through energy cleansing, discovering and dislodging energy blocks, and rejuvenating the body. 

This unique form of healing uses various technologies to balance the body until optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health needs are met. This happens by using products that energize natural minerals and elements while cleansing the body of negative contaminants and toxins. 

The American Holistic Health Association recommends finding a product appropriate for you from the available products at Amwell Technologies Inc

5. Heat Therapy Devices

Heat therapy can be a powerful tool for healing, including relieving muscle tension and alleviating joint pain. 

HealthyLine houses an inventory of infrared gemstone mats that are specially designed for wellness and pain management. These mats help assist in powerful natural therapy relief to improve daily living and overall wellness. 

The technology used supports the holistic healing mantra, that healing happens from the inside out.  

6. High-Quality CBD Oil

The cleanest, most effective CBD products must be produced through attention to each step of the process. CBD Health Collection offers a wide range of products that have undergone such a protocol. 

All of their CBD oil is derived from hemp that is health professional-approved, locally-sourced, lab-tested, and organically-grown. Products are also free of pesticides, GMOs, and gluten. 

7. Products for Light Pollution

While technology can help make life easier, it can also interrupts the body’s natural rhythm. Bodies are biologically used to natural light, so harsh beams from blue light can affect sleep, mood, and overall health. 

Natural light imitation products can help improve the light quality around the home or office space such as sea salt light fixtures and 100 percent pure beeswax candles. Blue light glasses can also be a big help in saving eyes from harsh light, especially helping at night to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

8. Non-Toxic, Organic Mattresses

Mattresses can be a huge source of toxins in the home, and are often overlooked.

One such brand that supports a healthy lifestyle while supporting better sleep is Avocado Mattress. Other environmentally and ethically-minded mattress brands include Woolroom and Nectar

9. Testing Kits

Intolerances and environmental toxins can cause chaos and imbalance for the body. Finding and understanding these imbalances is crucial to taking control of one’s own health. 

The American Holistic Health Association recognizes 5Strands Affordable Testing as an excellent way to better your health. Testing is based on bioresonance technology, which is a technique that identifies imbalances that might be creating discomfort. 

This company, and similar services, offer different types of testing to identify intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, metal and mineral levels, and environmental influences. 

10. Water Filter

Water Filters can help purify water by keeping particles wanted in and weeding others out, such as heavy metals or toxins. 

The AquaTru filter, approved by dietitians McKel Kooienga and Brigid Titgemeier is a great option to consider. It filters through a reverse osmosis, four-stage process that removes 78 contaminants from water. 

11. Whole Food Based Skincare

A recent study found that repeated use of certain cosmetics affected the liver, blood, and organs by exposing them to toxic chemicals. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website houses thousands of EWG Verified Products that have been certified to be free of chemicals of concern. 

Other options include skincare lines such as Beautifully Nutritious, which use nutrition and natural products curated by doctors. They are proven by science to promote healthy, holistically beautiful skin.