11 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

You may fall into one or two groups… Early birds or night owls. But does the early bird actually catch the worm? Some researchers propose those who wake up early make better food choices, are more proactive, and simply just healthier. So if wanting to catch that worm, learn how to wake up and get out of bed in the morning with these 11 steps!

11 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

1. Be Prepared

One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is without an overwhelming to to-do list. From having the coffee pot programmed to brew to clothes laid out, a few less tasks in the early hours offers more time to enjoy a morning workout and time for yourself!

2. Go to Bed Earlier

To accommodate earlier mornings, start going to bed earlier and allow yourself enough time to sleep the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. So if you plan to wake up at 6:00 a.m., plan to hit your head on the pillow no later than 11:00 p.m. the night prior.

3. Set the Sleepy Time Scene

Sleep environment should be conducive to well, sleep. The National Sleep Foundation suggests temperature, noise, light and comfort level can all impact your ability to sleep well. From sleeping in a 60 to 67°F temperature to choosing between soft or firm pillow and mattresses, find more tips to designing the ideal bedroom for sleep here. Also worth mentioning, a UK study reveals those who sleep on the left side of the bed wake up less tired and grumpy and more cheerful and positive.

4. Disconnect from Screens

Not only are televisions, phones, and tablets distracting, but inhibit the natural sleep cycle related to their emitting blue light. Disconnect from them when going to bed, or at least have a designated time to switch off the TV.

5. Set Favorite Song as Alarm

But before disconnecting from your phone… Set your favorite song as an alarm, or at least music that will get you excited to get out of bed. Placing the alarm on the other side also forces you to get out of bed to shut it off, encouraging you to stay up and out of bed. And not to mention, there is less blue night and distraction inhibiting you from falling asleep the night before…

6. Stop Pressing Snooze

If waking up groggy even after sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours, it is mostly related to a disrupted sleep cycle. To counteract these sleepy feelings, you may be pressing snooze in hopes to feel more refreshed. But doing so is not only unbeneficial to your sleeping pattern, but takes away time from energetic activities and productivities you could be tackling.

7. Wake Up and Get Moving

Instead of waking up and remaining in bed… Get moving! Doing so elevates your heart rate and heightens your energy levels and mood right from the very get-go. Increase adhesion to your workouts by choosing activities you enjoy, as you are more apt to bounce out of bed if you are looking forward it. Gaining an exercise buddy can also keep you excited, motivated, and accountable for those morning workouts.

8. Head to the Shower

While there may be debate on whether a morning or nightly shower is better, there are great benefits when it comes to doing so in the a.m. hours. Showering in the morning is beneficial if you workout in the morning, are managing oily skin, or need that morning jolt!

9. Eat Breakfast

Whether you prefer to have breakfast before or after a workout, the order is not so much important as actually consuming a well-balanced breakfast. (Or at least coffee…) Consuming a protein-packed and slow-energy releasing breakfast (such as this porridge recipe can keep energy levels heightened throughout the morning and detour pesky feelings of hunger leading up to lunchtime.

10. Establish Your “Why”

Having a “why” can not only inspire you to get out of bed, but do so with ease and more enthusiasm. Whether you are excited for that morning cup of coffee or catching up with a friend later that evening, come up with why you are thankful and excited to hop out of bed on a day-to-day basis.

11. Repeat

Consistency is key when flourishing a healthy lifestyle, including the process of becoming a morning person. Though mishaps and slip-ups are bound to happen (and that’s okay!), try to implement and repeat the process as smoothly and positivity as possible!