The Promising New 2021 Food Trends

Each year the food industry aims to uplevel its game and create new and innovative trends. Here are predictions for the most popular 2021 food trends!

Each year the food and beverage industry aims to uplevel its game and create new and innovative trends they believe will “wow” the world. Some are uniquely healthful while others miss the mark and can lead to confusion and chaos. 

So, what will this upcoming new year bring? Here are predictions for the most popular 2021 food trends, including global food trends.

2021 Healthy Food Trends

From eating more fruits and veggies to functional foods, these healthy food trends are likely to be on the up and up this new year. 

Eating More Fruits & Veggies

Already somewhat in progress, the encouragement of more fruits and veggies will persist. We have long known the importance and potency of these healthy foods, but the pandemic has highlighted their importance even more so! 

Fruits and veggies contain ample amounts of immune boosting vitamins and minerals as well as antiinflammatory antioxidants and other phytochemicals. Maybe less of a trend and more of a lifestyle, this inspiration is here to flourish!

Plant-Based Food Power

Similar to above, more and more people are recognizing the utter power of plants. These include the above mentioned fruits and vegetables, as well as ancient and whole grains, nuts, and seeds. 

While meat products are not inherently bad, the processing of them is. Expect the emergence of additional plant-based protein options in mainstream restaurants. 

Functional Foods

All or nothing thinking is a common collective thought pattern and food trends are no exemption. It seems, popular trends fall on both sides of the spectrum from fried oreos smashed between donuts to the cabbage soup diet. 

Realizing that extremes rarely work, many health coaches are going to promote a middle ground approach. In other words, a functional health approach focusing on balance, moderation, and a little bit of fun.

Upgraded Oils

Avocado and olive oil will remain a top favorite, but coconut oil better watch out! Through the demise of refined vegetable oils like canola and grapeseed, upgraded oils like walnut, macadamia, and pumpkin seed oils will receive their time in the spotlight. 

While they might cost a pretty penny, they boast high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and have higher smoke points. Higher smoke points mean they can be used at high temperatures such as in a broiler. 

Gut Health Foods

Gut health is on everyone’s mind, especially since the pandemic has exposed the dangers of poor gut health. The gut is inextricably linked to immune function and health, thus, folks with healthy guts are better able to fend off sickness.

With this knowledge, gut friendly foods are sure to grow and flourish. Be on look out for probiotics such as kimchi, kombucha, and other fermented foods. 

Chickpeas as the New Cauliflower

Watch out cauliflower, a new chameleon in town is in town! Already able to morph into pizza crusts, pasta, and crispy snacks, multiple sources predict a resurgence of even more chickpea products. 

This legume is rich in fiber and prebiotics and a wonderful plant-based protein source. Plus, the Bean protocol, developed by Karen Hurd, is emerging as a solution for cystic acne and reproductive hormone balance.

Global Food Trends

Food trends stretching around the globe include daily big breakfasts, which may once again include bagels and oats as low-carb diets are put to rest. Served alongside? Perhaps a superfood supplement!

Daily Big Breakfasts

With more people working from home, breakfast is emerging as the favorite meal of the day. Brunchin’ on breakfast food and breakfast for dinner will most likely persist, but making a nutritious breakfast can be added to the list of favorites. 

Breaking the overnight fast with healthy, wholesome nutrients can kick start metabolism. It can also promote healthier snacks, meals, and focus throughout the rest of the day.

Superfood Supplements

Supplement companies boasting functional superpowers have been on the rise for a while. However, expect some of these magical compounds to be added directly to food sources in the coming year. 

Supplemental compounds tend to work synergistically, meaning the body digests and absorbs them better when coupled with specific other substances. For example, turmeric is 10 times more potent taken with black pepper. Thus, global consumers may find more mainstream foods will boast super supplemental compounds as well.

Demise of Low Carb Diets

It seems every 20 years or so, carbs and fat take turns reigning as the ultimate villain. Well, it is just about time for the low carb trend to hibernate! 

As the rise of plant-based eating continues, eating low carb will not be nearly as alluring. Rather, quality carbs and bio-individuality will be emphasized more than a nonsense fad diet.

Food Industry Trends

The food industry is likely to colored with some major “greenery”, while one not-so-sweet fad might be finally put to rest. 

Upcycled Foods 

One of the newest trends, upcycling foods are made from ingredients otherwise deemed food waste. These foods help maximize the energy used to produce, transport and prepare that ingredient, ultimately reducing food waste. 

Companies that offer less-than-ideal looking produce already exist and this trend enhances this concept.

Sustainable Sustenance

Millennials and the subsequent generations are more concerned with sustainability now more than ever. Many of these consumers (along with plenty others) desire to have a positive impact on the environment through daily actions. 

Whereas responsible sourcing and operating standards have shown improvement, people want more and the food industry will need to respond accordingly. Look out for specialized feeds that reduce methane emissions, regenerative agriculture to enrich soil, and more renewable plant-based material in food products.

Less Sugar

The time has inevitably arrived. Sugar’s undeniable health effects cannot be quieted any longer and the food industry is responding by reducing the amount of sugar in foods. 

Companies like Nestle and Doux Matok are ahead of the game and using food technology to reduce the inclusion of sugar by forty percent! Although still in the very beginning stages, it is definitely one of the most promising food and health trends of 2021.


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