Stress-Reducing Tips and Mindfulness

In such a hectic world, it really is not too surprising 42 percent of U.S. adults reported increased stress over the past five years. And while the ramifications of stress feel initially overwhelming, it may be contributing to lifelong consequences, including the shortening of telomeres. Combat against such damaging feelings with these stress reduction tips and through mindfulness techniques.

Stress and Telomeres

Telomeres are casings on the ends of DNA, protecting it against damage. And though the two largest factors in telomere length are aging and genetics at this time, stress is rising to the top of the list. And while “sweating the small stuff” may not impact health too marginally, toxic and chronic stress can shorten telomeres, subsequently creating a sluggish immune system and increasing vulnerability to colds and other illnesses. But stress can be quite subjective, as responses to it are variable; some may feel threatened during difficult circumstances while others reframe situations in a more positive way. According to The Telomere Effect, learning how to modify perceived or actual stress with mind-body techniques, including meditation and yoga, have been shown to reduce stress and increase telomerase, the enzyme that replenishes telomeres and imperative for lengthening them.

Tips for Reducing Stress

Meditation Retreats

The roles of meditation are vastly explored and shown to encourage both physical and mental wellbeing. Cultivating and expanding within the practice shows great benefits in telomere health, as experienced meditators show to have increased telomerase. If traveling to a meditation retreat is off the radar, practice these 20 tips for understanding the mind with this meditation for beginner’s guide. You can also think of meditation like exercise – although a workout is beneficial, you obtain the most benefits and results by being consistent with the practice.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Being mindful is being aware in the present moment, focusing attention at the current time rather than fixating on the past or future. In fact, people who focus their attention on the circumstance in front of them are suggested to contain longer telomeres compared to sporadic mind-wanderers. Researchers also denote the incorporation of mindfulness and meditation improves telomere maintenance. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a training program that focuses on the nature of the mind-body connection and shown to reduce stress and manage physical symptoms such as pain. While attending a class is a live experience, individuals unable to join can still benefit through the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness online course found here.


Yoga is touted for both physical and mental health, with growing evidence supporting the practice for telomere health. Studies have implied the practice to affect DNA in a positive manner and has shown to lengthen telomeres. Longer telomere length is also associated to improved post-cancer survival, instigating yoga as a valuable tool in cancer recovery. Falling into a deep state of concentration can also induce a calming effect, lessen the risk of depression, and improve cognition, along with other valuable benefits. Find a beginner’s yoga guide here, filled with poses, sequences, and tips.


Suggested as “moving meditation,” Qigong places emphasis on posture, breathing, and meditation. The practice has shown to increase telomerase, fight against fatigue, and improve diabetes. Qigong is touted for all to experience and exercise examples can be found here.

An Intensive Lifestyle Change

Along with stress-reducing techniques, a total lifestyle change can help lessen anxiety and the risk of chronic disease. A plant-based diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and support circles are shown to promote both physical and mental health. If needing assistance in embarking on your new lifestyle journey, look no further than Balance by bistroMD’s a la cart meal delivery service. Balance conveniently delivers well-balanced, delicious meals straight to your doorstep, all without recurring membership fees. For more information, visit the official webpage here.