Individuals tend to gravitate to exercise as a means to lose weight and often question, “What exercise burns the most fat?” to accelerate results. But answering the loaded question is multifaceted, yet fortunate, as there is a plethora of fat-burning exercises people can choose from to dwindle out burnout risk. So if wondering how to burn fat fast, tackle one or all of these 7 exercises!

7 Exercises to Burn More Fat

1. Add Weight

Although walking and jogging burns calories on their own, adding weight can crank up that calorie burn. Hand and ankle weights are beneficial, along with a weighted vest if tolerant of wearing it. Adding and lifting heavier weights for fewer reps can also maximize strength ability and push you to your limits!

2. Lift Dumbbells

Although stationary machines may be safest when first starting to lift weights, using dumbbells activates more muscle fibers, as you must stabilize the weight with each movement. Their stimulation can ultimately result to a leaner body mass, which in turn amps up metabolism and causes calories to be burned more efficiently.

3. Make It Quick

An effective fat-burning workout does not always require hours upon hours at the gym. Intense bursts of movements, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), compiled into a quick series of time has shown to be successful for weight and fat loss. For exercises to help you lose weight, body fat, and inches, complete this speedy, 30-minute boot camp or tabata workout.

4. Swing the Kettlebell

The use of a kettlebell not only improves fitness, but has shown to burn calories similar to running without the added joint stress that comes with pounding the pavement. For a total-body, fat-burning workout, plug into your favorite music and complete this full-body kettlebell workout.

5. Dance it Off

Whether in a structured studio or freely in your own home, dancing is considered to be an aerobic exercise with considerable use of varying muscle groups. If looking to really step up your dance game, try this new trending dance exercise known as “Powwow Sweat,” a routine compiled of high steps, box steps, and kicks!

6. Kickboxing

Blow off steam and sculpt your body with kickboxing! The basics are simple, keep your knees slightly bent and breathe through movements. Fit this one song kickboxing workout into your exercise regimen to burn more fat.

7. Rowing

(Just not gently down the stream…) Pulling with full force on a rowing machine is not only an excellent full-body workout, but is sure to pump and elevate heart rate to fully maximize fat burn. Rowing is also an excellent alternative for injury prevention, as it is low-impact while still remaining effective.