The results are in… The top New Year’s resolutions desired by nutrition and health experts! According to a CNN report, the New Year’s resolutions include a wide variety of personal goals. Despite the necessity of forming your own personal goals this new year, the resolutions are motivating, humbling, and restoring. Keep these options in mind and make a New Year’s resolution like a pro this year!

Top New Year’s Resolutions of Nutrition and Fitness Experts

Embracing Mindfulness

Simply put, mindfulness is living in the present moment and focusing on the “now.” Mindfulness further encourages paying attention to and trusting instinct in various (maybe even all) aspects of life. Being mindful can grow food appreciation, foster weight loss, and simply improve overall feelings of happiness.

Paying It Forward

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, and wellness promoters think so, too. Though paying it forward offers personal benefits, it has a greater impact on society. So this New Year, advocate for others, volunteer, or other acts to spark and ignite kindness across your local community, with the potential to cross the country or even the world!

Focusing On “You” Time

Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers… Being around people tends to be inevitable. While social bonds and connections are important to keep and cherish, it is certainly okay to focus on you every now and again. Take this time to focus on hobbies, relaxing, or diving into new knowledge you have been desiring to learn, including cooking lessons!

Stressing Less

Day-to-day stress is bound to occur in a busy, structured society. However, stress can be damaging to both physical and mental health and impede on quality of life. We also tend to focus on things out of our own control, placing unnecessary stress and pressure on ourselves. But this year, try to stress less and only focus on things you can

Fueling Up the Right Way

Although various diets are sought out and promoted, everyone can benefit from consuming nutritious foods. Health supporters suggest being more mindful, following the 80/20 rule, and focus on foods to add rather than subtract and cut out this upcoming year!

Practicing Restorative Workouts

While rigorous workouts show to have great physical benefits to the body, slowing down can assist in recovery. Restorative workouts stress the importance of slow poses or sequences, including stretching and practicing yoga. Such workouts may not only soothe or relax the body, but have shown to offer significant mental benefits.

Taking Risks

Though risk-taking varies, step out of your comfort zone this New Year! Despite feelings of discomfort, reclusion can dismiss encouraging opportunities and experiences. Additionally, health and wellness experts continually encourage trying new exercises and stepping out of the box and into new workout classes or environments. Various workouts and exercises include yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), rock climbing, hiking, lifting, snow skiing, and running.