13 Ideas to Calm Your Anxiety Right Now

While feeling anxious is a normal part of everyday life, becoming so engulfed with anxiety may interrupt daily functions and activities. Learn how to calm anxiety right now and gain control amidst bouts of such worry!

While feeling anxious is a normal part of everyday life, becoming so engulfed with anxiety may interrupt daily functions and activities. Ongoing and persistent emotional discomfort can cause restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, inadequate sleep, along with compromising relationships with others and personal quality of life. Learn how to calm anxiety right now and gain control amidst bouts of such worry!

How to Calm Anxiety Right Now

1. Stay in the Now

One of the most significant influences concerning how to control anxiety relates to a factor out of our hands: Time. Whereas we cannot change the past or always forecast the future, we can live in the present. So instead of being anxious or obsessing over perceived future occurrences, pause, breathe and stay in the now. And even if dealing with a serious situation, focusing on the present moment will improve your ability to manage the situation at hand.

2.Breathe Deeply

Amidst anxiety, your breathing may be speeding up and becoming sharper. However, breathing deeply can ease nerves and allow you to grasp the present moment. Simply breathe in slowly and gently through the nose for five to seven seconds, hold the breath for three to four seconds, then breathe out through pursed lips for seven to nine seconds.

3. Act with Action

Rather than responding to anxiety with aggravated negative thoughts and emotions, respond by acting with action. Taking a walk, organizing your office space, or any sort of action presumably interrupts negative thoughts, helps you regain your sense of control, and can relieve present anxiety.

4. Combat the Sugar Craving

During times of stress and anxiety, we often seek out high-sugar foods as a means to cope. While consuming them may offer instant gratification, sugar acts as an adrenal stimulant and exacerbates feelings of anxiety. Combat sugar cravings by acting with a positive action as mentioned above, along with noshing on a nutrient-rich piece of fruit.

5. Remember: Feelings Are Not Facts

Remember that thoughts precede feelings and negative thoughts often lead to negative emotions, which can lead to negative behaviors. Yes, you may be feel as if you are going to pass out before a presentation, but remember what you are feeling is not realistic to the outcome and you are unlikely to hit the floor before starting. Start reminding yourself anxiety is simply an emotional reaction and accept and challenge it. For instance, you may identify that the anxious feelings feel uncomfortable, but recognize you can alleviate such worry by making positive coping statements.

6. Talk It Out

Whether texting a friend or calling a family member, simply talk through your worries. Their objective ear can help ease your anxious worries, particularly by putting such negative worries in a more convincing and realistic perspective.

7. Exercise

Health experts continually advocate for consistent physical activity for optimal body function, though the benefits of exercise also support mental health. Exercise can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, with even a 10-minute showing to beneficially equivalent as a 45-minute workout. But with this quick, 30-minute workout, you can also work towards the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week while promoting anxiety relief!

8. Walk Outside

Walking outside works as a double whammy to relieve anxiety, particularly by increasing exercise-induced endorphins and exposing yourself to the sun and nature. Nonetheless, embracing the great outdoors can increase dopamine levels, also known as that “feel good” hormone, and boost energy and mood.

9. Unfold Your Yoga Mat

Yoga continues offers both physical and mental benefits, consistently showing to relieve stress and anxiety. So find out which yoga is right for you or try this full-body yoga workout!

10. Infuse Lavender Oil

Infusing lavender oil is widely used to reduce anxiety and combat against restlessness and nervousness. The oil has also shown to be as effective as medication use, without serious risk of adverse side effects and further reducing the worry of drug dependence.

11. Sip On Chamomile Tea

Thanks to its soothing and relaxing effects, sipping on chamomile tea can calm nerves, relieve anxiety, and improve overall wellbeing. Find your gateway to tranquility with this chamomile herb tea recipe.

12. Watch A Funny Video

Reduce anxiety with laughter, as it is the best medicine! Watching a funny video and laughing can instantaneously bring joy to your life and lower feelings of stress and anxiety. You can also bring more laughter in your life by smiling more, thinking more positively, and unleashing your inner kid.

13. Do What Relaxes You

Even with the 12 identified tips on how to relieve anxiety above, the importance really comes down to doing what relaxes you. Surely you already know what works for you, so do not avoid them and do activities as soon as possible. For example, if you find reading your favorite book relaxes you, allow yourself a 15 to 30-minute break to flip through and get lost in the pages.