8 Simple Ways to Boost Flavor in Bland Foods

Think healthy eaters resort to bland foods? Think again! Healthy eating is much more than tasteless rice, boiled chicken, and steamed broccoli… Boost flavor to bland meals (while hitting those health goals!) with these simple tips.

Adding Flavor to Bland Meals

1. Spice It Up

Swap out the salt shaker with seasonings from the spice cabinet. From cinnamon, to cilantro, to mint, spicing it up in the kitchen is a fun way to experiment with flavors without the worry of completely overhauling the nutritional content of foods.

2. Eat Seasonally

Flavors can be dictated by season, so gravitate to in-season produce for the freshest varieties. Grow your own garden and crop a personal harvest or have fun traveling to a nearby orchard to gather fresh produce, including these ripe picks of berries. And don’t forget to say “Hello!” to these delicious ideas for strawberry season!

3. Add Zest

The zest and juice of citrus fruits compliments well with a wide variety of products such as these herb beef sirloin skewers featured by bistroMD. Vinegars, such as red wine and balsamic, are also key players in the flavor game, including its highlight in a nutritious vinaigrette salad dressing.

4. Sweeten Naturally

Rather than adding sugars and syrups to drinks, naturally sweeten bland foods with fruits. For instance, top plain Greek yogurt with bananas, mix strawberry and peach slices into salad greens, and pair warm cinnamon apples with oats.

5. Offer Variety

A well-balanced meal encompasses variety to not only shake up flavors, but to enhance the nutritional profile. So rather than sitting down to a bland chicken breast, offer vivacious colors and flavors with vibrant peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Featuring various textures can also increase the meal’s invitation to land on your dinner table.

6. Tweak Preparation Method

It is fairly evident preparation and cooking methods dictate personal preferences, as boiled chicken may not sound as appealing as a piece of crispy, fried chicken. However, pan frying in a light drizzle of olive oil can also offer flavor and healthy fats (including olive and canola oils) to the dish, while roasting veggies in the oven can transform flavors within a short period of time.

7. Use Sauces and Condiments

Dipping sauces and condiments has offered bland foods a flavor transformation in a mere instant. Unfortunately, most of those may be adding on extra calories, unhealthy oils, and sugars into your diet. Clean up the nutrition label of sauces and condiments with these 17 flavorful ideas and recipes.

8. Go Nuts

Nuts simply add a healthy crunch to numerous dishes, including salads and casseroles. Aside from their crunch and flavor, nuts and seeds are also a rich source of healthy fats and can offer satiation for a widespread of dishes. So to your next salad, casserole, or other appropriate dish, try adding pecans, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and other preferred nut and seed varieties.