6 Unhealthy Alcoholic Drinks

1. Fruity Drinks

“Fruity drinks” are not necessarily healthy because a strawberry garnishes the rim. In fact, most of these fruity drinks (margaritas, daiquiris, etc.) are more than fruitful with sugar and calorie content.

2. Sangria

Comparatively mentioned with fruity drinks, fruit floating in sangria does not justify health. Especially if created with sodas and sweet wines, a glass can pack on at least an additional 10 grams of sugar. And considering most tend to not stick to the suggested 5-ounce serving size, hundreds of calories can easily pack on.

3. Boozy Milkshakes

Although you may try to validate its calcium-content to health, milkshakes are loaded with sugar. Add in the booze, and they become even more calorically-dense without any added nutrients.

4. Vodka Red Bull

…or any other alcohol mixed with an energy drink. While ordering such a mix appears to keep you energized for the night, the combo may actually be dangerous. In fact, ordering an energy drink with alcohol at the bar has been dangerously coined a “cocaine cocktail.”

5. Beer

Although beer may offer nutrients in trace amounts, it is still a rich carb source and supplies calories. And it is not too uncommon individuals validate multiple rounds with “light” beers, ultimately believing they are saving on calories. However, a few beers can easily add up to a few hundred calories!

6. White Wine

Dissimilar to its antioxidant-rich red counterpart, white wine boasts great worry regarding its intake. Although white wine also contains antioxidants, new data describes a concerning link between its intake and an increased risk of melanoma. White wine is also rich in sugar and should be considerably moderated.

The Happiest Hour

Binging on alcohol is much more than its addition of unwanted calories. Too much alcohol can compromise weight loss efforts by also plummeting energy levels the following day. That morning workout you wanted to tackle the next morning? Lacing those shoes may be less likely to occur. And even you did make it to the gym, nursing a hangover may

So rather than nursing a hangover… Nurse a drink “on the rocks,” as doing so can help reduce drinking it quickly and going for another drink. (And no, this does not imply a shot…) If desiring a subtler flavor, try diluting with water and adding a squeeze of lemon or lime. But regardless of the type of drink, recommendations suggest men may drink up to two drinks per day while women are limited to one while further adhering to serving sizes:

  • Beer: 150 calories per 12-ounces of regular or light beer or 8 to 9-ounces of malt beer
  • Wine: 125 calories per 5-ounces of red or white wine
  • Liquor: 100 calories per 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof spirits, including vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey

Adhering to the suggested serving and portion sizes can keep calories in check, all while still staying social during happy hour. But if the social circle starts to get a little bit more social, try drinking a glass of water before each cocktail and a glass before hitting the hay to reduce dehydration risk. Consuming a nutritious, yet hearty meal while drinking can also assist in blood sugar regulation and reduce the likelihood for huge drops in blood sugar. And if the drinks still caused a not-so-pleasant morning after, continue to hydrate, alleviate a headache with a non-steroidal inflammatory such as ibuprofen, treat an upset stomach with Pepto-Bismol, fatigue with coffee and power on!