Though snacking does offer satiation between meals, continually grazing on high-caloric foods can easily pack on unwanted pounds. While weight loss is not a magic trick, simple acts can assist in vanishing weight. And with these sneaky snacking tricks, you can help stop those unhealthy cravings right in their footsteps!

How to Trick Yourself Out of Unhealthy Snacking

Brush Your Teeth

Although you might not initially think to head to the bathroom for your toothbrush rather than the kitchen during a food craving, try making it more of an innate action. Doing so is a valuable snacking trick, as grabbing for or desiring a snack is less likely to occur with minty, fresh breath.

Chew On Gum

Also along with brushing your teeth, grab a piece of gum to fill that snack void. Chewing on gum can satisfy taste buds without giving into snacks or sweet treats that are generally loaded with less-than-desirable ingredients and excessive calories. Gum chewing has also been touted as a complimentary weight loss strategy, but could it really be that easy? Find out here.

Drink Some Water

People often mistake hunger for thirst, resulting to giving into notorious food cravings and ingesting unnecessary calories. But instead of reaching for a high calorie treat or snack, trade them in for a zero calorie glass of water! If desiring a little taste or sweetness, try sipping on these 13 ways to make your water taste better.

Disconnect from Electronics

Although enjoying snacks during a movie is oftentimes inevitable, eating in front of screens is discouraged, mostly related to the increase risk of mindless eating. And especially when hungry and/or bored, stay off social media accounts. Though some Instagram content may inspire you to hit the gym, others display foods that are often nothing short than desirable, ultimately amplifying their attraction and your craving.

Log Foods in A Journal

Food journals are an excellent way to keep people accountable for decisions related to their personal health goals. Ultimately, you are less likely to snack on that chip bag if it requires a conscious effort to write it turn and tally up totals at the end of the day. And though food intake should not always be based on calories, keeping logs visual can tell a great story regarding total diet.

Keep Foods Out of Reach

One of the best ways to trick yourself out of unhealthy snacking is by not keeping it in sight in the first place. Some foods instigate binges, even creating a vicious cycle and causing negative associations to foods. Along with dismissing so-called “trigger” foods from the house, keep them away from desk areas at work, backpacks, and cars.

But if you are to snack…

Keep snacks in portion or nutritionally-dense and balanced. Snacks rich in protein and fiber, such as these snack ideas, can keep your appetite held over until the next meal. But on a final note, splurge (just not all the time!) on favorite snacks, whether it be favorite chips loved during childhood or a treat you admire at a local coffee shop. Along with the nourishment food provides, it should offer a sense of enjoyment. So instead of taking the pleasure out of food, keep the diet balanced, all while enjoying special treats in moderated portions and frequencies!