First off, completing a workout is better than no workout! But you may be not obtaining those anticipated results, either being subpar or absent entirely. And while there is not a best way to work out that fits the shoe of everyone, there are common steps individuals can take to combat a failing workout regimen!

How to Fix a Failing Workout

Go Back to Basics

Especially if starting a new workout, understanding the fundamentals of exercises holds great value. Instead of trying to solely power through a workout too quickly, focus closely on the actual movement and concentrate mostly on. Even if the workout seems slow or ineffective, repetitions and weights can always be added. But what is most important, though, is learning the basic movements on the targeted muscles. These 13 functional training exercises are excellent examples of enhanced muscle movements and mobility.

Stop Setting Exaggerated, Unrealistic Goals

Simply stating “I want to grow big muscles” offers no sort of structure, and can be thought as throwing a dart to the board while blindfolded. Although being ambitious and overzealous is admirable, “going big” to “get big” may be setting you up for failure. Most individuals reach goals when they are “SMART” (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely). Set smaller, achievable goals within a reasonable time frame and build upon them once they are succeeded. You can always reevaluate and modify goals as foreseen or needed!

Do Not Be Too Impatient

Yes, it may be frustrating to train so diligently without the reward of projected results. However, it is important to remain patient, as it takes time to successfully lose fat and gain muscle in a safe manner. Being too impatient can even cause individuals to give up on workouts altogether. Stay consistent and patient with your efforts, you started the health journey for a reason!

Focus on the Whole Body

Individuals tend to fixate on perceived “weak” areas or parts of the body desiring strengthening or toning. Whether it be building larger biceps or toning the midsection, exclusively isolating particular muscle groups is discouraged. For instance, instead of working out the legs week after week, incorporate upper body movements. Additionally, a full-body workout integrating quick movements offers not only strength benefits, but fosters aerobic activity.

Shake Things Up

A failing workout may transpire if exercises become drab. And if working out was forced in the first place, giving them your all may transpire to partial exercise. Instead of doing monotonous workout routines, shake things up and experiment with different exercises! Pedal quick in a cycling class, promote flexibility with fellow yogis, or enroll in a group dance class. bistroMD also offers a wide variety of exercises to try, including anaerobic exercises, a custom CrossFit workout, and a full-body yoga routine.

Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle

Remember, exercise is just a piece of the health puzzle! Other synergetic factors to reaching goals also points to diet, sleep patterns, and stress. And when it comes to diet, you may be overcompensating with food and using it as a reward. Ditch the “I worked out hard, I deserve that brownie” mindset and embrace a well-balanced diet, filled with whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and proteins, and healthy fats. Also aim to achieve the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night and incorporate stress-relieving techniques to assist in a total healthy lifestyle.