10 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Party

Parties are all fun and games until the copious amounts of food and drinks start to catch up… But with these tips, maintain health goals while simultaneously enjoying the party!

How to Stay Healthy at A Party

1. Remember Priorities

Before heading to the party, remember your priorities. While there is more to life than a rigorous diet and workout regimen, there is also more than continuously waking up to a cloudy memory and pounding headache. So truly prioritize how you envision health and what steps it takes to fulfill your personal goals and self happiness.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you set health-focused goals but continuously get pestered to party or hit the bars, truly question if those types of individuals are your “ride or dies” or simply drinking buddies. Surrounding yourself with positive and like-minded people can help transpire your priorities into healthy outcomes with great ease.

3. Eat Prior

Showing up to the party feeling hungry can lead to ravening at the buffet or food table. So before heading to the party, eat a well-balanced meal comprised of a protein source and fiber-packed veggies to limit the risk of overeating.

4. Go for Color

But if you are to eat at the party, go for the naturally colorful foods available, as they tend to offer the most nutrients to satisfy that hunger. Most parties do offer healthy appetizers, including a veggie platter and fruit salad. And before loading up your meal plate, take a loop around the food table and make a game plan of which to select. Most

5. Be Choosy

It is important to remember you can still enjoy your favorite party foods, but making sure to not overload and fill up on them. Be choosy on which appetizers you want and do not waste calories on foods you can have anytime such as chips and dips. Instead, spend calories on those “special” party foods that take time to prepare, including stuffed mushrooms, ceviche, and bruschetta. Also be choosy on which drinks you choose to enjoy, mostly opting for non-sugary beverages and practicing the concept of moderation.

6. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Did we mention hydrate? Drink a glass of water before heading to the event, upon arrival, and in between each alcoholic beverage to help keep you hydrated. Not only will doing so keep you more energized throughout night, but ease the waking morning hours.

7. Dance the Night Away

While you may not even realize it, dancing is a great way to keep active and burn excess calories. In fact, just one hour of moderate dancing can torch an average of 400 calories!

8. Say “No”

Do not let the party control you! Remember, it is okay to say no to drinks and other temptations surrounding you. Along with the health of your body, the morning after will also thank you…

9. Power Nap

Showing up to the party tired, you may be setting yourself up for disaster. You are more likely to compensate low energy by fueling up with high-carb and sugary products and maybe even drink more for an extra boost. Before heading to the party, try taking a quick 20-minute power nap to naturally feel more energized.

10. Focus On the Event Itself

Rather than being stationary at the buffet or bar, focus on the event itself and what it has to offer. Meet new people, network with others, enjoy the music, and simply enjoy the moment of the party!