10 Tricks to Avoid the Halloween Treat Temptations

Do not let your health be fooled this Halloween with tantalizing candy. Trick yourself in diminishing and avoiding the Halloween treat temptations with these 10 simple tips!

10 Tricks to Avoid the Halloween Treat Temptations

1. Purchase Individual Pieces

Big bags of M&M’s and large candy bars heighten the risk of overindulging. But by purchasing individually-wrapped and smaller pieces, you can keep portions and serving sizes more in check while satisfying your Halloween sweet tooth.

2. Buy Candy You Don’t Enjoy

If chocolate is your biggest vice, perhaps purchasing all things chocolate is not in your best interest… Instead, buy candy you do not enjoy all too much and select products for trick-or-treaters you are not likely to grab, including sour, hard, and gummy candies.

3. Be Choosy

Rather than reaching for a piece of candy just because it is available, be choosy on what you actually enjoy. And do not just aimlessly pop the candy in your mouth, but truly admire and remember why you like the presented candy each Halloween season.

4. Track Intake

More times than not, unwrapping the candy is a mindless act that leads to a long candy wrapper trail. Tracking intake can surface awareness on how much you are eating, as you may not realize just how quickly those calories can add up!

5. Offer Nature’s Candy

Instead of filling artificially-flavored and colored treats to the bowl, load up on nature’s candy. Not only is fruit loaded with nutrients, but naturally sweet to diminish the sugary candy craving.

6. Swap with Healthier Choices

But if a bowl of fruit is out of the question, swap with healthier candy options. Some of the best candies to eat on a diet include fun-sized 3 Musketeers, Tootsie Rolls, and Jolly Ranchers that are further described here.

7. Manage Hunger

Start and continue to consume well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day to manage and limit hunger pangs. Fueling the body with nutritious foods keeps hunger levels at bay, all while lessening the risk of raiding the sugar-filled candy dish that can ultimately unwind your efforts put into good health practices.

8. Sip On Water

Not only does opting for water keep calories away, but can distract from the temptation of candy. If a simple glass of water just does not cut it, make your water more nutritious, flavorful, and better by adding fresh herbs, berries, lemon, cucumbers, and teabags.

9. Keep Out of Path

Follow the “out of sight, out of mind” rule by keeping the candy out of your frequented paths at home and work. Also, do not be hesitant to ask coworkers to keep the Halloween candy dish stashed in a cabinet or drawer (they may also be trying to disengage from that candy invitation)!

10. Chew Gum

If you start feeling a strong candy urge takeover, reach for a piece of gum instead. Not only can chewing on gum alleviate a pesky craving, but save you hundreds of calories this Halloween season. Brushing your teeth can also help halt a temptation for candy.